Xanxan Shelf in a Modern and Dynamic Design of Shelving Unit


Xanxan Shelving Unit Wooden Posts White Ropes Headset Colorful Books Wooden Door

A shelving unit that will mainly provide storage spaces can surely be more than just functional. Modern furniture items are known popularly for their beauty alongside practicality. It means that the functional aspect of the items is there without compromising anything in term of the design and the appeal of the items. Put simply; they will look good and function well. At some points, there are even unique elements as well within modern furniture items. The so-called Xanxan is pretty much that way in the form of a shelving unit. Well, what could make a shelving unit so special?

The overall appeal of this particular shelving unit is the right combination of function and dynamic appeal in one decent item. Furthermore, it features simplicity at its best with the use of tightropes alongside woods in forming solid structure and build of itself as a storage unit to support the items placed there. Shelving unit may well be a common term for this Xanxan although it is a platform. Multiple cords or ropes are tied at two ends with adjustable tightness according to the items placed on top of it. The ends of this Xanxan shelf are woods so that at a glance it looks like a common shelf.

It can easily be incorporated in any interior with its main function as storage for books and magazines. Rope can also be a place to hang something. Keys or even umbrella can be placed there hanging on the tightropes of this Xanxan shelving unit. The fact that it only uses ropes and woods means that it can easily be adjusted to meet different needs of its use. It is highly creatives that I will be perfect for any modern space with limited space. It will serve its function as a storage unit while also delivering a bit of enhancement in the scope of the decoration inside the space where it is placed.

Modern décor may get the benefit of this item easily, but other styles of decoration could enjoy its benefit as well when properly incorporated. It has wooden elements so that it can be used in a traditional style decoration of any space. Rustic, shabby and chic style may be the place to take advantage of this unique style of shelf made of wood and stringy straps.

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Xanxan Shelving Unit Wooden Posts White Ropes Headset Colorful Books Wooden Door

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Xanxan Shelving Unit Books White Ropes Wooden Posts

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