Whimsical Furniture Items Design for Kids by Circu to Bring Dreams into Reality


Authentic Moon Rug Of Circu In Circular Shape With Moon Surface Print

Bringing dreams into reality is the ultimate idea of Circu within the many creative ideas and designs regarding furniture items for kids. There are many options for furniture items for kids from Circu unlike anything else that kids will love to have and to use it for a long time.

The bed is the main feature of any bedroom that includes kids’ bedrooms. In term of this section of furniture items, Circu comes with the idea of Bun Van as a bed. Surely this reinvented idea of Bun Van has a van-shaped bed for kids. It is not just a bed since it can be considered to be a room with a bed, a desk, a TV, a minibar, a soda and several storage units. Aside from that, there is the creative idea of Fantasy Air Balloon as a bed. Well, it will be like having a large hot air balloon inside the kids’ bedroom for sure. Another creative idea of kids’ bedroom from Circu is the Little Mermaid that resembles opening shells of pearls. It looks nice especially when the bedroom floor is made of wood just like sand on a beach. There is even the plate-shaped bed by Circu called Sky B Plane with the bold yellow finish. Apparently, anything can be made into a bed by Circu.

The nest is the option of the whimsical lamp for kids’ room by Circu called Cloud Lamp. At a glance, it looks like a decorative item in the form of hanging cloud. It is a functional hanging lamp in shape of large cloud inspired by Partly Cloudy of Pixar. Furthermore, this light has its smaller version as well that can be used as accentuating light for the kids’ bedroom.

Even toy boxes come in a decent design from Circu with the Copper Toy Box and Silver Toy Box. Both of them are having the same shape just like gold bars, to be honest. They have silver and copper finish. The top lid can be opened while the bottom front is a drawer front. Now to accentuate kids’ bedroom the use of rug is a clever way. Circu comes with two best options of whimsical rug for kids’ room. There is the one named Moon Rug while the other one is called Cloud Rug. Surely the Moon Rug is a circular rug with the print of moon surface on top of it. Meanwhile, the cloud rug is a textural white rug that looks like a cloud.


Authentic Moon Rug Of Circu In Circular Shape With Moon Surface Print

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