Vampire Halloween Party Decor Ideas


A Table With Red Candles, Red Tablecloth, And Bats Ornaments

Are you ready to welcome Halloween? You will not pass Halloween without any Halloween decoration that will make your Halloween more fun. It is the time for you tho choose your Halloween theme. You may choose zombies, vampires, haunted parties, ghosts, and witches which are classics for Halloween. In this time, I would like to share some ideas for you who want to become a scary vampires in this Halloween and welcome everyone in fabulous bloody party.

Vampire ideas are chic and not very scary, actually. Yet, you can have scary component for your decor. It is fake blood. It can be added to décor or you may have it through food and drinks. You can use coffins, crosses, and graves for your decor, and black will be the main color which can be highlight with plenty shades of red and purple. Bats should be presented also in the decor since vampires is popular can transform into bats. You can make some cardboards and attach them in the spot that you like. Here some ideas for you. Enjoy!

Vampire Halloween Party Decor

Vampire Halloween decor is rather easy, we recommend to make it elegant and a little bit decadent. You will need black and red in various shades. Besides, you may also add deep purple, metallic touches, and white to make an interesting contrast. Place a table with a black tablecloth, red napkins or a table runner, textured black and red plates, little coffins as place card holders and candles. The candles can be in deep red, purple, just red, black, or white ones dripping blood. Add pumpkins which are painted with black, white, and red colors, then add bats and create a fabulous mantel display. You may create an amazing photo booth decorated with spider webs, crosses, and bloody candles.

Vampire Halloween Party Food and Drinks

Food and drink become the main need in a party, and in a vampire party there are should be bloody food and drinks. For the food, you may have cupcakes, cookies, pies, and cakes which are full of blood made from raspberry jam. As for drinks, you can create various bloody cocktail like Bloody Mary or sangria, and make hot chocolate for vampires. The other ideas for drink is just have glasses with fake blood and pour any drinks inside, then Cover the rim of the glass with sparkly red and black sugar to make the drinks more attractive.


Red Drinks In Vials Placed In A Bowl Of Ices

Red Candles Dripping On White Candles As A Fake Blood

A Back Framed Sign Dark Red And Black Decoration

Black And Red Burning Candles In Bottles

A Table In Red Tablecloth With Red And Black Apples And Red Punch On It

A Fireplace Wit Pumpkins, Candles, And Bats Ornaments

A Red Rose On A Glass With Fake Blood In The Water

Pink Float With Chocolate And Whipped Cream

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