Unique Lamp Design by Yukiko Morita


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Adding unique decorative items to any interior décor is such easy way to get the better of the décor. Today many items are unique while also being so functional rather than decorative only. One of the most common items that can easily be found to have unique appeal while also functional is a table lamp. Many designers and manufacturers have done their best to deliver unique looking table lamps in the highest level of function. The result is so beneficial for many homeowners to find the best one for their house. Certainly, there are many ideas and concepts about the design of unique table lamps. One of them is food. Well, how so?

Surprisingly such thing as foodie design in term of furniture items is not a new thing. There have been many items as a kind of representation of the designers’ favorite foods as well as drinks. The latest one is the shape and looks of bread that can be seen in the Pampshade lamp collection of a Japanese artist named Yukiko Morita. Well, in short, it looks like a piece of bread that could shine a bright light on the area where it is placed. Another surprising fact about this Pampshade lamp is that it is bread to be honest. It is a bread lamp for any interior décor.

So there are several shapes and designs of the lamp within the Pampshade collection. All of them are made of real bread since the designer was previously a baker. The main idea is sure to create a unique lamp in shape of bread. The materials to make this lamp are salt, yeast, flour, LED lights and batteries. So the finish of the lamp is resin protective layer to protect the bread from decaying. Thus it will remain at its shape and function properly as lighting fixture for any interior.

There are seven designs included in this Pampshade collection of Yukiko Morita. It was introduced in Tokyo design week that caught some attentions there. The manufacturing process starts with the making if the bread in normal ways. The interior of the bread then carved to ensure that the lights along with batteries and an electrical circuit can be placed inside just right. Well, it is a unique idea to have lighting fixture in shape of bread made of real bread, right?

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