Unique Design of Dusk Clock by Lu Yicong


Deep Black Shade Dusk Clock White Decorative Pieces

The need for tracking time is pretty essential for so many people today. Unfortunately, the function of actual clocks may not be that crucial now since there are more sources of time today. Gadgets will have their clock feature to show time with many additional features so that people barely look at actual clocks anymore. Well, a smart designer comes with that idea that watches should not just tell time but it should be capable of enhancing the decoration within the area of its placement. So, a clock can function as a decorative piece as well now.

Lu Yicong comes with the cute looking Dusk Clock. Within the modern style decoration today it is a perfect choice for a wall clock to choose. It comes with a simple round shape as old style ordinary clocks. Yet, it will not just tell actual time, but it will say at the time of the day instantly. Is that the function of a watch? It is, yet Dusk Clock offers it in a much better way. In short, the clock will change into the dark when it is dark outside, and it will be clear otherwise. The clock will be a transparent clock In the morning while at night the clock will be a black clock.

The use of two polarized discs of acrylic glass inside the clock is the secret of the color changing appeal of the watch itself. The polarized discs will follow the rotation of the clock so that the transparency will change time after time. It is a simple feature that will eliminate the need for people to conclude the time of the day since some people may lose track of time.

The system is designed carefully and precisely that the polarization effect will kick in alongside the rotation of the clock. It will complete a rotation every 24 hours to start another one the next day. It is bound to Golden Ratio that makes it a pretty decent piece of the wall clock. It is true that the idea of this Dusk Clock is more than just tell time. It can be the eye-catcher within any room where it is placed. A clock is now more than just a piece of item that shows time. It can enhance various styles of decoration seamlessly. The use of transparent and opaque tone within the clock makes it easy to match any interior decoration style.

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