UM Project’s Storage Units Collection in Strangely Unique Design


Piece D Drawers Made Of Black Cork Tubular Legs

Unique items of furniture can be incorporated to enhance any interior instantly. All types of furniture can be having some unique options aside from the common ones. Today there are many designers and manufacturers with their unique ideas creating unique furniture items in many forms. The simplicity of modern décor is one reason those unique furniture items can easily be found in the furniture market of today. One thing for sure is that the functional aspect will not be compromised at all by designers and manufacturers when creating unique furniture items with the eye-catchy characteristic.

UM Project has its latest collection of storage units with pretty unique designs for sure. This Brooklyn brand comes with the so-called Ultraframe collection in the unique appearance possible for storage units to be placed in any interior. Overall there are six different pieces of a storage unit within this latest collection of UM Project. The shapes and sizes differ from one another within the collection. A bookshelf, a chest of drawers, a console, and an armoire are the basic stuff making this collection with a bit of variation. The company has been using plastic tube armor along with knitted fabrics as well as cast concrete along the manufacturing so that the final products are nothing but unique.

The perfect combination of knitted textiles with the industrial tubes as the frame creates a really unique appeal of the items. The high-quality textiles of Febrik from the Netherland make the storage units within the Ultraframe collection look really great. Another unique thing about this storage unit collection is the fact that it is named by just using a letter each. So the collection consists of Piece A, B, C, D, E, and F.

Basically, the one that looks really different is Piece F since it is a horizontal unit unlike the rest of the items within this particular collection. It has Corian fins front along with wooden drawer and black aluminum accent. Piece E is a rather futuristic looking item with layers of aluminum in that beautifully intersected build. Piece D is a chest of drawers made of black cork as its material. Piece C is a bookshelf with an aluminum frame covered in phenolic tubes. Piece B is a chest that features cast concrete shell with tubular legs and MDF frame in lacquer finish. Piece A is a chest wrapped in layered and folded blue fabric tubes.


Piece A Chest Wrapped In Blue Fabric Layers Grey Door Motorized Head Wooden Base

Piece C Chest Covered In Plastic Tubes With Aluminumk Frame And Shelves Wooden Stool

Piece F Corian Fins Front Panel With Black Accent Tubular Legs

Piece D Drawers Made Of Black Cork Tubular Legs

Ultraframe Storage Unit Collection Piece A Piece B Piece C

Piece B Chest Made Of MDF Frame And Cast Concrete Shell Mirrored Door Wooden Stool

Piece E Chest Made Of Intersected Aluminum Layers

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