Two-Volume Design of a Houseboat with Lots of Timber


Trees Navy Car Wooden Boat Grass Black Stained Exterior Timber Panels Square Windows Concrete Pathways Unique House Shape

A decent looking house in a two-volume design has an unusual shape. The house is called Houseboat which was done by Mole Architects with its location in southern England. It is close to the sea with the view of Poole harbor to enjoy. The Cambridge based architecture firm has done the project to highlight the unique shape of the house which can be seen in a long distance as an eye-catcher. Well, this so-called Houseboat features a half-basement, an open staircase and interconnected volumes configuration without any separation.

The build of the house is supported primarily by roughcast concrete base. In that base, there are bedrooms which are fully packed within a hold of a ship. It is true that this house has several elements related to sea and boat since it is close to a harbor. The interior space has a kind of unconventional layout. The living room has a soaring volume in two arched rooms. The entry level of the house has a master bedroom while more rooms can be found half level down.

Highlighting the connection of this house to the boat is the wide use of timber in its interior space. As a matter of the fact that particular material is a great choice to create a rather comfier and cozier atmosphere inside the house. There are shades of blue and boat inspired items within the décor that further enhances the style of the interior decoration. There are dining and living areas with an open layout to maximize the space and to connect the space seamlessly. The atmosphere of that open area is pretty close as in a deck of a boat.

In term of the exterior wall, Mole Architects incorporated black-stained timber above the concrete base. That finish along with the unique shape of the house is hardly disguised within trees of the surrounding area. The west side area of the house has glazed screens as well to get the view of the sea. This so-called Houseboat is not just unique in its appeal and shape but also the way that it is constructed. Two upturned hulls were propped together along with Douglas fir ribs in combination with the concrete frame to support the build of this house while also creating a unique shape. AT the end both the interior and the exterior of this house is highly enjoyable and functional.


Trees Navy Car Wooden Boat Grass Black Stained Exterior Timber Panels Square Windows Concrete Pathways Unique House Shape

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