The Hoke House in Portland Oregon by Skylab Architecture


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Designing a residential house is pretty much limitless thing to do. There is anything that can be used as the basic idea of the design just as this one house called Hoke House. Skylab Architecture that features angular design has just done this house. There is a cantilevered section in it that only adds to its dramatic appearance. Overall this house is a duper modern one which looks like a tree house. Extensive glazing is there along with skylights and cutouts to maximize the number of natural lights entering the interior of it. That could only mean that this house is highly connected to the surrounding outdoor area.

Fully glazed walls around the house are amidst the main features to enjoy in this house. Thus the woodland areas that make such relaxing scene to enjoy can easily be appreciated from the inside of this Hoke House. In any space of the house, the surrounding woodlands can be seen easily. Meanwhile, there are woods inside the space that delivers the feel of chic décor with that magnetic characteristic.

There is a home office as well that has its white shelving units covering the entire wall space. It looks pretty natural which is further completed by cabinets and tabletop in the same scope of finish. It creates a kind of continuation of décor within the space. There is a unique geometric style cutout along with a skylight just above this space that makes it pretty eye catchy area. That is more than just a spot for natural lights to enter the house. That beautiful composition of a home office makes it comfortable to work at the highest level of productivity.

There is an open floor plan as the spots for the dining space, living room, and a kitchen. Despite being in a single large area, there is a fireplace wall separating the living room and dining room visually. There is a TV there as well to complete the functional aspect of the living room. Meanwhile, inside the kitchen, there is a kitchen island made of concrete. There is even a breakfast table as well to deliver a kind of practical matter. The master bedroom has glazed walls as well as a skylight to get closer to the surrounding nature. There is a large shower are finished in grey tiles as well to get fresh and comfortable real quick.

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Grey Tile Bathroom Walls Grey Square Tile Flooring Black Framed Skylight Cutout Decorative Ceramics Display

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Glazed Walls Wooden Frames Metal Seats White Cushions Wooden Flooring Patterned Rug Floating Wooden Sideboard

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