Textural Décor in a Scandinavian Loft to Create Chilling and Comfortable Interior


Dark Finished Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Flooring Black Finished Wall Lamps Wooden Cutting Board Graphical Print Wallpaper Potted Greenery Wooden Stool

Combining a rather neutral décor of Scandinavian style with some other contrasting stuff will always lead to a whole new appearance and atmosphere. Scandinavian style is definitely associated to the minimalist way in decorating interior space. It is calming and comforting so that many homeowners prefer this style when dealing with their interior space. Yet it is true that a bit of twist could be added to produce a completely different feel inside the space. Adding textures is one of the smart ways to accentuate Scandinavian interior to aim for the better feel and appeal right away.

This house in Scandinavian interior décor style has more than just calming feel inside to offer. Its original elements from the old building can be seen in the form of antique brick walls and wooden beams. Moreover, such features are kept and combined alongside chic touches and textural stuff. The kitchen has a graphic wall as its focal point while the rest of the space is in a contrasting effect. White walls and light wooden floors alongside black cabinets create that contrasting beauty. Meanwhile, the dining area has a rustic table in wooden plank covers along with industrial dining chairs and vintage looking pendants.

The main living area which is the living room is done in chocolate wooden planks print wallpaper. It looks pretty real as if it is made of real wooden planks. A large corner sofa accompanied by the modern coffee table is the main furniture items there. A rug and a wooden lamp complete the coziness feel inside that living room. There is a kid’s room as well finished in brick walls and wooden beams to be the focal point. A vintage black finished bed is there to signify that it is a boy’s room. Overall it looks great just like the rest of the house.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom has its perfectly balanced combination of black and grey. Bedside tables in modern style are there along with dark bedding set to complete the relaxing feel of the bedroom itself. Accentuating bedside lamps can be seen there with a sheer black lampshade and a mirror base for a high level of chic décor. It can be concluded that overall space is done most simply ever. Yet the look and the feel are all so great to enjoy. It is too good not to be considered as an inspiring décor for sure.


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Dark Finished Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Flooring Black Finished Wall Lamps Wooden Cutting Board Graphical Print Wallpaper Potted Greenery Wooden Stool

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