Interior Design

A Duplex in Contemporary Design and Décor with the Thermaic Gulf View

In an area known as Thessaloniki of Greece, there is a beautiful looking duplex in its contemporary design and décor all over it. It has its space spanning about 1,000 square feet with a wonderful view of Thermaic Gulf as one of the attractions to enjoy within its space. ...

5 months ago Katarina Erdmann


A Suburban Home in Modern Design with Unique Mirrored Staircase

A focal point is a must in any décor. It is the way to attract everyone entering the house while also being the center of the décor. So it is important to set the focal point first before dealing with the rest of the décor when dealing with interior ...

6 months ago Karina Dalman

Interior Design

Victorian Style Residential House with Modern Interior Décor

A residential house could be so different in term of its exterior and interior. The exterior could be looking so classic and vintage while the interior may well be highly sophisticated in modern style décor. There is a residential house in the suburb of Melbourne with that particular combination ...

7 months ago Heine Grau