So-Sage Lamps, Bring a Real Food Nuance in Your Space


Five So Sage Lamps In Different Shapes Hung In One

Many designers get some inspirations from anything and everywhere. They can get inspired by a natural thing, the habit of a group of people, or many others. Nowadays, many designers also can design a piece of furniture from food and drink inspiration! The furniture and lamp design based on menu and drink inspiration are unique and about to be popular this time. That kind of furniture is not only used in the rooms that are connected with food like kitchens or dining rooms, but also in the public spaces like pubs, restaurants, cafés, and bistros.

Now, I would like to share you a unique lamp design. This item may be a great idea to be assembled not only in your eating spaces or public eating spaces but also in a meat shop. Such a piece is a sausage-inspired lamp! The idea of sausage makes it look unique and extremely yummy like an ordinary sausage which everybody loves. Are you curious enough to see this one? Let’s go down and check it out!

It may be excellent news for you who are meat lovers because you can have furniture in your space like the thing you loves. This unique lamp is called So-sage. So-sage is a lamp collection by Sam Baron. Sam Baron get inspired by numerous types of sausage that push his creativity to make furniture based on that idea. Then So-sage was born.

What do you see when you are in the meat shop? A view like many hanging sausages in the shop will be one of the answers to that question. This unique item will bring that nuance to your space. So-sage is designed like sausages hanging in a meat shop, so that will give you a real meat shop nuance. The lamp is very unusual, and it can be used only one piece, or you may use some parts in whole arrangements.

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The shape of this funky piece is shown off by the material. Glass is an excellent material to grab everybody’s attention because it will show the way to this fantastic item. Having one or some of So-sage is an excellent choice to add an anti-mainstream and funky touch to your space, it might be a kitchen or a dining area. They will give you a nuance that will make your meal becomes more delicious and fun. Such a great mood booster, isn’t it? Don’t overthink to have one in your space and get some tasty-looking sausages in your interior!


Three So Sage Lamps In Different Shapes Hung In One In White Background

Some So Sage Lamps Hung Over Some Bowls, Plates, And Other Ornaments In Colorful Shades

Three So Sage Lamps In Different Shapes With Light Bulbs Hung In Solo

Three So Sage Lamps In Different Shapes Hung In One With Light Bulbs

Five So Sage Lamps In Different Shapes Hung In One

Three So Sage Lamps In Different Shapes Hung In One

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