Scandinavian Style Apartment with Calm Décor and Historical Touches


Built In Wardrobe Floral Print Wallpaper White Bedding Grey Metal Table Lamp Wooden Wardrobe Bathrobe Grey Bedspread

Adding such items in interior décor with rather historic values can be a great idea. Some homeowners have incorporated such idea of adding historical elements into their houses that ended up being a reasonably decent choice. Such things with historical values and accents can always be useful in enhancing calm décor of any interior. Even an apartment in its small size will get its visual enhancement right away upon incorporating historical stuff in it. Such example is a Scandinavian style decoration in an apartment that has been boosted by the addition of some historical elements here and there within the décor.

The overall appeal of the decoration is so welcoming despite the fact that it uses rather muted tones as typical Scandinavian décor. This apartment in Gothenburg of Sweden has its actual spot on the third level of an old building which is considered to be a heritage one. This means that many aspects of the building’s past have been kept and maintained well over the years. Thus it is pretty reasonable that the owner wanted to have some historical elements in the décor, right?

Classic color scheme of neutral Scandinavian style can be seen in the interior of this apartment with a bit of traditional black twist alongside grey and white. Surprisingly there is dusty pink and blue as well within the room just to spruce things up a bit without being too bold. In the end, that perfectly matching combination of colors creates a cozy and even more inviting atmosphere in every corner of the interior space.

This three-room apartment feels larger than it originally is due to the color scheme of it. White walls and bright flooring of tiles contribute to that matter for sure. There is a wonderful looking living room with an exit to the balcony as it is a third-floor apartment. The use of space within the dining room and the kitchen has been maximized so that the area is highly practical without any waste of space. The master bedroom has its quiet and peaceful atmosphere in which it is located right in the courtyard. There is the second bedroom overlooking the courtyard as well. Views are the bonuses of this apartment since it is up in the third floor. Moreover, the interior itself is so beautiful just as the sunset view to enjoy right from the balcony.


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Built In Wardrobe Floral Print Wallpaper White Bedding Grey Metal Table Lamp Wooden Wardrobe Bathrobe Grey Bedspread

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