Portable Speakers with Unique Design for Outdoor Activities


The B&o Party System Cone Style Portable Speaker Design

It has been a trend to go anywhere without leaving possible music files to enjoy at all times. Within decent outdoor spaces, there will always be certain times to enjoy the breeze as well as the warm sunlight really. A bit of music surely will probably be able to boost those outdoor activities in an instance. Well, these are some of the decent options of outdoor portable speakers to purchase today.

A high-quality outdoor speaker named B&O Party has its capability to deliver great audio quality for dinner or parties. It has a smart app to control it and set a confident mood for any activity. It is easy to get connected to it and upload playlist for more options of music to play.  Jarim Koo comes with Banano as a full range speaker in 45 mm of size. It has front protective layer panel making sure that dirt cannot compromise the quality of this speaker. It has USB-C port alongside 3.5 mm jack on its side. It is finished in silicon surface with just a few buttons there. Meanwhile, there is the ding3000 from Palomar as a snap-on speaker device to be hung anywhere it is needed. It has a really unique design aside from its decent function.

Beoplay A1 is another great choice of outdoor portable speaker since it has a powerful battery. It could last for 20 hours at most underneath the elegant appeal of its double molder base of the polymer. It has no switches and buttons at all. A piece of a portable speaker named Luna Eye by Crazybaby plays an important role as a kind of notification speaker. It means that any notification sounds will be played by it when connected to any mobile device playing music files. Obviously it has an eye-shaped element on it. There is Blossom that resembles floral shape and function. It is designer beautifully by bebop finished in flexible spandex that can be pushed and secured for easy carrying.

Meanwhile, Pablo Designs offer Uma as a sound lantern with LED technology and 360 degrees sound and dial control. It is easy to use with a high level of enjoyment provided by it. A unique name of SSSSSpeaker by aiia is a funnel-shape speaker that could transform any gadget to a really interactive entertaining piece of the item for 8 hours. Last option is Gemini designed by Growtek that features Bluetooth technology for the seamless transfer of high-quality audio powered by 16 PEG adjustments for the best possible quality to enjoy. Furthermore, it is lightweight and compact with a beautiful metallic finish.


The Luna Eye Portable Speaker By Crazybaby Lighted Eye Shape Front Panel Design

The B&o Party System Cone Style Portable Speaker Design

The Uma Portable Speaker By Pablo Designs Led Lights Inside 260 Degress Sound Output

The Funnel Shape Silicon SSSSSpeaker By Aiia In Colorful Finishes

Banano Portable Speaker Of Jarim Koo Bold Yellow Finish

Colorful Blossom Portable Speakers By Bebop In Floral Design And Function Ideas

Clean Lines And Seamless Design Of Beoplay A1 Portable Speaker

Snap On Ding3000 Portable Speaker By Palomar Bold Red Finish

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