Perfect Mix of Glam and Lux in a Nordic Apartment Interior Decor


Textural Carpet Flooring Tubular Metal Chair Black Cushion Small Round Side Table Clear Glass Vase Flowers Framed Large Photograph

A highly creative person named Petra Tungarden designed her apartment to look impressive. The basic style of decoration is Nordic style although there are some twists to enjoy within the interior. Being a Metro fashion and home editor, a stylist, blogger and entrepreneur mean that she has the creativity needed for his apartment to look good. Glam and luxury can be seen all over the décor of her house in Stockholm. Overall the mix of those touches is just perfect alongside with the basic style of Nordic home.

Original features of the building can still be found in some spots. Tile stove and stucco are amidst the old features that can always be enjoyed all the way along with the new addition of features within the décor. Grey shades with just a bit of blue are the main constructing tones of the interior. The flooring is in the whitewashed finish that goes well with the rest of the space. Velvet, marble, and brass are there as well to boost the touches of glam within the décor. The fact that Petra loves glam is the main reason of her apartment is given glam and a few luxury accents.

The dining area is in unity with the living room next to the window with lots of natural lights. Dark brown velvet sofa there accompanies the black leather couch. There is a set of modern coffee tables as well in different heights to complete that elegant vibe of this open floor space. Antique looking teal tile stove is a statement there on the other end of the area. Meanwhile, those items create a nice looking décor to enjoy. On the other corner of the house, there is an elegant dark kitchen in which the dark stained cabinets are the essential elements. Even the island is black with glided framing accent. White marble countertops complete the look and accentuate the dark vibe of the kitchen area a bit.

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There is a small bedroom finished in soft shades of blue and grey shades. The upholstered grey bed is the main piece of furniture inside the bedroom with gorgeous draperies. Industrial ceiling lamp delivers a different accent over the décor in a beautiful contrasting effect. Marble-clad bathroom is there to provide a luxurious atmosphere of it. Overall this particular apartment of Petra Tungarden is considerably a masterpiece of her own in many aspects.


Green Finished Nordic Style Old Fireplace Black Leather Bench Velvet Sofa Books Glass Top Coffee Tables Grey Rug Whitewashed Wooden Flooring Firewoods Flowers

Hanging Bulbs White Ceiling Blue And White Curtains Grey Upholstered Bed White Bedding Darg Grey Bed Spreadd Wall Lamp Grey Carpet Flooring

Black Bathroom Cabinet Black Marble Top Marble Wall Cladding Open Shelving Storage Framed Photo Wall Sconce Perfume Bottles Handbag

Marble Clad Bathroom Floating White Toilet Ceiling Lights Black Floating Bathroom Cabinet Open Shelving Wall Storage Unit

Black Framed Wall Art Pieces Grey Rug Black Leather Bench Velvet Sofa Books Black Chairs Metal Legs Dark Finished Wooden Console Table Candle Holders Candles Black Floor Lamp

Small And Comfy Closet Wooden Flooring Pink Upholstered Wooden Stool Black Wooden Wardrobe Stored Clothes White Lighted Open Shelving Units Bags And Shoes On Dispplay

Whitewashed Wooden Flooring Oval Marble Top Dining Table Metal Legs Metal Dining Chairs Black Cushions Grey Rug Large Vased Plant Patterned Ceiling

Textural Carpet Flooring Tubular Metal Chair Black Cushion Small Round Side Table Clear Glass Vase Flowers Framed Large Photograph

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