Perfect Mix of Glam and Gothic in an Industrial Loft


Black Graphic Wallpaper Purple Bed Industrial Pipe Style Table Lamps Round Glass Vase Colorful Flowers Dark Blue Side Tablewooden Floor White Bedding White Pillow

Combining several quite contradictive things or even ideas may sound terrible. Some people might believe it, and some others might experience it. There are always excellent results of mix and matching stuff altogether. Such concept of combining different styles or touches is pretty standard within the broad scope of interior decoration. Today more and more people are eager to connect different feels out of different methods to get a really unique and personalized appeal of their interior decoration. There is a decent example of such matter in a loft designed by BAM Design Lab of Los Angeles.

In short, the loft is pretty sexy looking with touches of gothic, industrial and glam in its interior. Starting from the entrance of the concrete wall can always be said as an industrial accent. There is also a metal console table for another touch of industrial style. Meanwhile, the glam appeal in this part of the house is a beautiful looking glam style crystal chandelier above. The fact that it has tight space means that the living room is combined with dining space. Clad metal wall panels can be found there for more accents of industrial style. There is also an excellent looking watercolor painting complete the wall décor within the area.

Dark floor is intended to enhance the use of cream upholstered furniture items within the dining and living area. Both the sofa and the dining chairs are in cream upholstery. Sculptural black chandeliers can be seen hanging above the dining area for a really unique appeal. Next, to the window area of the living room, there is a pair of tall back chairs in black with skeleton print on it. That pair of chairs is the touch of gothic right there.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom area comes with a nice looking framed headboard in vintage style. The headboard goes all the way to the ceiling for a better overall décor. The bed is a floating type of foundation with black upholstery for the better accent of moody, dark décor in it. Contour chandelier can be found there to balance the headboard appeal. Another bedroom comes with graphic wallpaper alongside purple bed with a vibrant contrasting request. The table lamp is a pretty impressive industrial appeal with several bulbs on it. This loft is a pretty successful example of combining different things.


Industrial Metal Chandelier Velvet Upholstered Bed Wooden Floor Vintage Large Headboard Frame Gothic Artwork Books Colorful Flowers Low Side Tables Sculptural Wall Lamp Faux Fur Pillow

Black Blanket Black Graphic Wallpaper Industrial Pipe Style Table Lamps White Bedding Framed Photos Wooden Floor Wooden Side Tables Glass Top Colorful Flowers Round Glass Vase Patterned Pillow

Black Graphic Wallpaper Purple Bed Industrial Pipe Style Table Lamps Round Glass Vase Colorful Flowers Dark Blue Side Tablewooden Floor White Bedding White Pillow

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Large Windows Metal Clad Panel Wall Tall Wooden Chairs Small Chairs Hite Upholstery Wooden Floor White Sofa Faux Fur Rug

Natural Concrete Wall Metal Console Table Grey Pillows Dark Wooden Floor Metal Vase Colorful Flowers Books Framed Pictures Curved Table Lamp Crystal Chandelier

Large Sculptural Chandeliers White Upholstered Sofa White Dining Chairs Black Dining Table White Flowers Colorful Flowers Metal Clad Wall Panels

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