Dining Room

Smart Ideas to Refresh a Dining Space

Any interior space could probably need to be regularly refreshed so that it always looks nice. It includes a dining space that is actually an important part of a residential house just as a living room. A dining space that looks nice will easily help to bring warm atmosphere ...

5 months ago Adrian Lichtenfels


Clever Ways to Maximize Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor space needs lighting too. It is true that more and more people are willingly spending their time outside the house by doing various activities. Today it is easy to find more outdoor kitchens where people love to have a small gathering with their relatives and friends. Surely there ...

5 months ago Albin Neuhaeuser

Living Room

Living Rooms in Black Walls

Every statement, an atmosphere or a mood, and plenty touches of highlight can be created using color. Play with the color you like and will get different effects and looks from it. In this time, I would want to talk about how to use black in the interior. The ...

5 months ago Genoveva Hamburger

Home Decor

Old Decor Trends to Stay in 2018

Following the end of 2017, there are favorite tricks and ideas of interior decoration to be left behind. They will soon be replaced by new ones. It may be well understood to be like that in almost anything. Some interior décor tricks that were so popular in 2017 may ...

5 months ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Home Decor

Intelligent Wake-Up Alarm Clock, Two Function in an Item

Some people need an alarm near them to help them wake up from their sleep. Some people also carefully choose a night lamp to be placed in their bedroom because it may influence the comfort point inside the space. Are you one of them? In this great time, I ...

5 months ago Fiona Untermann


Best Choices for Functional Home Office Desks to Have

Setting up a home office means that there should be a desk to support everything needed to be done at it. The desk should be highly functional to make sure that working at home will be enjoyable without any problem at all. These are all of the best options ...

5 months ago Albrecht Schulhoff


Multi-Purpose Furniture Items for Highly Practical and Functional Spaces

Along the years the trend in term of furniture items has been shifting from large items in the less practical state to smaller pieces in the highly functional state. Well, that matter is affected by the fact that living spaces are getting more and more expensive today. Thus there ...

5 months ago Nick Lasch

Home Decor

Illusive Luminaire, a Unique

Are you a person who is anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like extraordinary things? Are you a person who wants a unique item? Then, you may come to the right place and time. This time, I am going to share you a single lamp that anti-mainstream and extraordinary ...

5 months ago Walpurgis Hegeler

Home Decor

Unique Pendant Lamp Inspired by Chinese Paper Lantern

There are limitless ideas and inspirations about interior décor. Many traditional-style kinds of stuff have been incorporated into modern items to have a unique appeal of various decorative items and furniture items. In term of interior decoration, several items have been so popular to be having a unique design. ...

5 months ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Bold Blue Décor Touches in Chic and Modern Style Geometric Home Interior

Residential houses today are pretty unique in many ways. There are more and more people prefer to have somewhat unconventional designs of home to live. At a glance, the shape can determine a building to either be unique and modern or merely old-fashioned one. Fortunately, it is quite easy ...

5 months ago Emma Honigsberg