Owners' Hobbies as the Inspiration for Designing an Apartment


An Attractive Bookshelf With A Bike Hanged Behind A Copper Chair, A Table, And A Brown Comfy Sofa.

If we see homes and spaces, they are looked the little bit ordinary and boring like they do not have style and personality. They are usually in the same shape, and nothing makes them unique and anti-mainstream. How can it become outstanding? There nothing that can personalize a house or space more than the passions, hobbies, and something that we love. The reflection of what we like can be reflected in our choice of interior. Such elements add character to space and help to make it look more attractive. The dwelling we are going to share this time will give you many inspiring solutions.

The owners’ make the whole design of this Taiwan apartment based on their passions and favorite subjects. They add a series of floating shelves in the living room. There are so many books are there, and collectibles as well as a bike. This interior reflects the owners’ thing like to do which are cycling and reading. It is undeniable that the bike rack looks very natural. It’s perfectly and properly fit the house’ decor. Beside love reading and cycling, the owners also like handcrafted elements. Therefore, the designer put some eye-catchy pieces that give an artisanal beauty.

The interior decor is modern, or it can be said as minimalist, and it’s very harmonious and even flexible. The central area of the apartment is an open layout of a kitchen, a living room, and a dining space in the kitchen. The color palette is neutral. It fits any style and condition. The materials are rather simple. Because of the color and the elements which are simple, the apartment looks minimalist but modern. The smart choice of a bike and some shelves to be added as the interior give an attractive and exciting touch, so it instead looks unique than mainstream and ordinary.

The spaces which are used for a social activity like meeting or gathering are all connected. An open plan volume is compared with crisp background walls, tiled flooring, and the rare industrial metal and rustic wood accents. The bedroom is separated from another area. It makes the bedroom more private. This room has a minimalist wall unit with wooden floor and decoration that is simple and smart yet still very comfy and cozy. The bedroom looks like minimalist look yet concern on the comfort point for the owners.


A Simple White Marble Dining Table With Two Wooden Chairs And A Simple Lamp Over It

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An Attractive Bookshelf With A Bike Hanged Behind A Copper Chair, A Table, And A Brown Comfy Sofa.

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A Kitchen With White Marble Desk And Sink Beside A Cozy Living Room With A Flat TV, Comfy Sofas, A Chair, And Some Shelves And Cabinetry

A Kitchen Features White Marble Desk And Sink With Some Vases And Cups On It Completed With A Wooden Cabinet And A Simple Lamp.

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