Ocean Memories, Bring Home Your Memories of Ocean


Two Pieces Of The Liquid Marble

Designers and architects can get inspiration from everywhere and everything. They can get fantastic and great inspiration from nature, food, or many other things. Quality is one of many inspiration sources that can give so many inspiration for designers and architects. In this great time, I would like to talk about the pieces which are created because it is inspired by the ocean, the most mysterious and unique part of the world.

It is French designer Mathieu Lehanneur who created such a fantastic piece. Lehanneur get the inspiration from the ocean. The ocean is a place that can give memories, stories, and also inspirations. A beach is just not about the blue water, but it is also about the waves, the animal, and many others. By looking at the ocean, Lehanneur crate a collection of tables, benches, and stools. That collection continues his Liquid Marble series.

The piece is named as Ocean Memories. Ocean Memories bring an image of the ocean water which is frozen in time. The shape will bring you to a picture of a wave in the ocean which is a freeze in your mind. That kind of imagination is poured through a piece which is digitally designed and crafted out blocks of marble or polished bronze. Although this piece is made from those materials, the image of the real water can be seen clearly through the design.

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The polished surfaces reflect light perfectly. The reflection of the light can be a key to bring an actual look at the water. You can see it reflect the light just like the water does. Such a thing can bring you to the imagination when you look at yourself in the water or maybe the waves which are crashing when you touch the surface of the water. And do the intensity of the sea resemblance. This piece is trying to bring you into the ocean.

The tops of the piece are designed to quickly transition to their geometric structure below while still feeling like the perfect contrast. Such a created will not be unnoticed in any modern space. Ocean Memories is an amazing and fabulous item. It can bring a natural touch in a beautiful way to your area. This piece can also become a thing that brings you memories of the ocean in your life. Such a wonderful part. Do not overthink to have one in your space. Grab it fast!


A Piece Of The Liquid Marble In Long Square Shape

The Small And The Big Size Of The Liquid Marble

A Piece Of The Liquid Marble

Two Pieces Of The Liquid Marble

A Piece Of The Liquid Marble In Square Shape

A Piece Of The Liquid Marble In Bronze Color

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