Nicely Decorated Small Apartment with Girlish Touches for a Young Girl


Vintage Buffet Botanical Print Doors Large Flat Screen Tv Wooden Floor White Curtains Yellow Chair Wooden Bookshelf Patterned Pillows

When an interior space is tiny, maximizing the décor is always a tricky matter to do correctly. Just like a small apartment that could either be nice or terrible once decorated. Well, the main things in dealing with small space like an apartment are to ensure its functionality alongside convenience at first. Furthermore, it should remain spacious as well as beautiful at the same time. Many finished flats can be used as an example to follow just like a small apartment for a young girl with so many girlish touches all over it.

Surely there is an open layout inside the apartment to maximize the space. A wooden shelving unit separates the sleeping zone and the living zone in that open layout area. It is a great idea to optimize the function of both zones. In the sleeping zone, there is a large bed, a nightstand, wall sconces and a beautiful gallery wall. Pastel colored curtains cover the window with a colorful chair close to the bed. There is also a TV right on a dresser in its unique appeal. The living zone offers a transformable sofa in grey with coffee tables and a beautiful looking floral statement wall. The couch can function as an additional bed for guest when needed. The decorative fence surely defines the character of a young girl living in this small apartment.

Furthermore, the kitchen is a spacious one. It is done in white with a bit of brick wall accent to make it more appealing. Evidently, the color of white is selected for a visually broad emphasis of the kitchen area. The backsplash is a colorful one with geometric patterns. Colorful curtains, white cabinets with wooden tops and a fridge in pastel green complete the look of the kitchen. Even the pathway leading into the kitchen is a well-decorated space in a modern appeal.

The bathroom is in black and white combo with the purpose of delivering the beauty of a monochrome décor. The white background tone of the bathroom is to enhance the visual space of it as well. The monochrome décor in it is a perfect idea to create a dramatic atmosphere within the entire décor. The wood textures alongside artificial plants complete the décor of the bathroom in this beautiful yet small apartment for a young lady.

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Vintage Buffet Botanical Print Doors Large Flat Screen Tv Wooden Floor White Curtains Yellow Chair Wooden Bookshelf Patterned Pillows

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