Neutral Color Scheme Interior of a Beautifully Designed Apartment


Corner Sofa Large Bold Wall Art Piece Coffee Tables Wooden Kitchen Island Light Wooden Flooring Glazed Walls

Small living space is commonly associated with the use of neutral tones. The main purpose is to make sure that space is visually larger. Well, that particular idea of a color scheme for a small space such as an apartment will look perfect with the so-called minimalist style of the décor. A clean apartment in minimalist décor alongside a neutral color scheme can be a highly comfortable and relaxing man cave. There is a minimalist apartment in Odessa of Ukraine named Blank which is properly done by M3 Architects in term of the designing and decorating of the interior space. Basically, that name indicates that the idea of the interior décor of this apartment is to create a blank canvas of neutral color scheme. Furthermore, there are simple materials as well as circular traffic design inside the space that will maximize both the appeal and the function of the space.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are there in the proximity of the living room alongside showcased furniture of various well-known brands. All sorts of furniture from Caesarstone, Poliform, Grohe, Artemide, Duravit, Deltalight, and Zanotta are there in the living room displaying their beauty as well as offering their function at the same time. The floor is made of natural wood in a light tone which accompanies white cabinetry and walls in the kitchen with just a bit of black accents. The kitchen island is considerably large that serves its function as an eating space as well. It is there in front of a window that the views of the outside have been taken into the serious side to help to create a decent décor with joyful views. Both the living room and the kitchen area have the same decent views to enjoy.

Furthermore, there is a small working space which is seamlessly integrated into the form of a space divider. There is a storage unit as well within that piece of an item so that it really maximizes the use of small space within the interior of this Blank apartment. Such multifunctional item is always a beneficial one for small space like this one. Meanwhile, the bedroom has a clean line of decoration in which that makes it highly comfortable. Several layers of light are there to help to maximize the space. The neutral color scheme in that space is the key to create a comfortable and relaxing space really. The bedroom has just enough storage units to avoid clutter problem which is rather common in a bedroom.

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Corner Sofa Large Bold Wall Art Piece Coffee Tables Wooden Kitchen Island Light Wooden Flooring Glazed Walls

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