Modern Style and Industrial Touches in a Perfect Mix of HOUSE 7


Swimming Pool Manicured Lawn Trees Loungers Cube Shaped House

Mixing two different styles in term of interior decorating is a great idea. Unfortunately, it is a rather tricky thing to do when it is not done properly. Interior design experts will surely be able to combine just the right styles to create a one of a kind appeal of the interior decoration in any house or building. Lange Design has its beautiful combo of modern style and industrial touches in a house named HOUSE 7. The inside of this house is not just about style. The combo is perfectly balanced of one another so that nothing is more powerful than the other. The décor is an inviting and inspiring one.

At a glance, the so-called HOUSE 7 is just a concrete and glass box. Within that simple appeal, it features furniture items and art pieces in an amazing state. Even the use of concrete in this particular house is surprisingly chic and beautiful at the same time. The furniture items are in chic appeal as well. Meanwhile, the bold art pieces enhance the décor further. As a common way to maximize the space, it has an open layout living space with integrated dining space. Black sofa and a neutral chair are in the living space alongside some artworks. There is even a unique metal human figure there.

Meanwhile, the dining space has a long table with black wooden chairs all over it. Artworks in the bold state as creating a clear statement of the décor. The kitchen is visually separated away from the dining space in all-black look. The kitchen island is quite large in the shiny metal finish that can be another eating space. Colorful and bold artworks can be seen there as well right on the opposite wall to the meal area. That is the main living area of this HOUSE 7.

Furthermore, the master bedroom can be found in a separate volume of the interior of this house. A Glass wall with a door leading directly to the garden is there in the sleeping zone. The bed is nicely upholstered in black leather to create an industrial and masculine appeal. Mismatching nightstands are there to offer their main function aside from their decorative appeal. Leather lounger can be seen in the corner of the bedroom as well to offer different comfort level when resting. Meanwhile, the exterior area has a swimming pool along with an endless garden and living wall.


Shiny Creamy Tile Flooring Blakc Sofa Creamy Leather Chair Grey Rugs Black Chairs Wooden Dining Chairs Wooden Dining Table Bold Artworks Glazed Walls Ceiling Lights Pendant Lamps

Grey Exterior Sofas Swimming Pool Trees Greeneries Manicured Lawn Glazed Walls Bold Interior Wall Artworks Black Sofas Grey Rugs

Concrete Interior Walls Black Sofas Creamy Leather Chair Round Coffee Tables Bold Wall Artworks Floating Wooden Shelf Books Sculptural Pendant Lamp Metal Human Statue

Swimming Pool Manicured Lawn Trees Loungers Cube Shaped House

Large Bold Colorful Artwork Wooden Table Metal Chairs Black Top Kitchen Island Black Statement Wall Stainless Steel Range Hood Bold Wall Decor Ceiling Lights Glazed Walls Concrete Wall

Greeneries Trees Concrete Exterior Cladding Cube Shaped House

Creamy Bedroom Tone Black Leather Upholstered Bed White Bedding Concrete Wall Black Ceiling Fan Framed Photographs Comfy Lounger Mismatching Nightstands Ceiling Lights

Glazed Walls Comfy Lounger Black Ceiling Fan Concrete Wall Glossy Flooring Beige Rug Framed Photograph Metal Side Table

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