Modern Home Designed in Bold Printed Wallpaper


A Sofa With Some Colorful Cushions And Two Stools With A Book And Glasses On It Placed In Front Of A Graphic Black And White Wallpaper

Hello pals! How are you? Hopefully, you are all fine. Today I am going to talk about an inspiring home. This home is designed by Jenn Feldman. It features a variety of decorating trends such as bold wallpapers, gallery walls, and massive artwork. Have you been curious enough? Wanna see more of this amazing home? Let’s have a look at all of these amazing spaces.

The kitchen is important in a home, and the kitchen in the home we are talking about is fabulous. It is done with an attic ceiling and lots of natural light that come from the windows and skylights. Since modern style is used throughout the house, the black cabinet with white countertops, the black and white lamps, and a white dining table with acrylic chairs are chosen to fill the space. Dark colors usually make the space visually look smaller, but by having white tile walls and ceiling it can be avoided.

The living room is also crucial in a home because this space is used to “live” the home. In the home we are talking about today, there are two living rooms in this home. First is a small living room which is flooded with natural lights. It features a whitewashed brick wall with a fireplace and a TV. The natural upholstered furniture, an acrylic coffee table, and any pillows in there offer a cozy atmosphere that invites you to lay yourself and get relax in this space. The second living room is beautified by many colorful artworks and furniture, bold textiles, and monochromatic graphic wallpaper. That kind of interior gives a gorgeous look to space. Such a smart idea!

Let’s have a look at the master bedroom. The room is very beautiful with geode blueprint wallpaper, dusty blue bed, and some coffee-inspired little tables. People spent many times in a bedroom to relax and it is very important to make a bedroom as comfy as possible. This bedroom offers a calming and relaxing atmosphere that makes you can really relax and release your stress out. The kids’ room is airy with upholstered bed and some colorful pillows. The mudroom is designed with black graphic wallpaper, a black stone vanity, and some gilded touches plus a colorful artwork. Never expect to have such a décor in a small mudroom, don’t you? Get more ideas for these bold spaces below and get inspired!


A Dining Table With A Napkin, A Bowl Of Cereal, A Bottle, A Vase Of Flower, And A Bowl Of Fruit, And Some Chairs Placed Near A Black And White Kitchen Island

A Bedroom Features A Bed With Colorful LOVE Pillows And A Blanket, And A Frame Hung Over The Bed

A Bed With Colorful Pillows And A Side Table With A Lamp On It Placed In Front Of A Wall With Geode Print Wallpaper

Some Comfy Sofas With Some Cushions And A Table With A Pot Of Plant On It Placed On A Statement Floor

A Sink With A Vase Of Flower On It Hanging On The Monochromatic Graphic Wall

An Emerald Sofa With Colorful Cushion And A Table With Books And A Vase Of Flower On It Placed Of A Pink And Red Rug

There Are Many Frames Hung On The Wall Near A Bench In A Room With Wooden Floor

A Sofa With Some Colorful Cushions And Two Stools With A Book And Glasses On It Placed In Front Of A Graphic Black And White Wallpaper

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