Modern Décor of a Paris Home with Color Splashes and Artworks


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Modern décor in any living space does not necessarily plain and less colorful. It is highly possible to add splashes of color in neutral based modern décor for the sake of getting the better appeal of the decoration. There is a rather colorful décor of a modern home in Paris which s even enhanced further by the addition of artworks all over the interior. The house is located in a building originated from the 17 century which was a pharmaceutical factory back then. It belongs to an interior designer named Didier Gomez so that it is pretty reasonable to look good in every corner of the interior.

It is quite hard to believe that the home in its elegant décor today was transformed from a pharmaceutical factory. Today it features high ceilings as well as a fresh looking private garden. The main inspiration in decorating the space was a masterpiece of colors and artworks. There are two living rooms in this house where one of them is done in bright white color. It is the place of art collection display that belongs to the owner of the house. There are mid-century modern furniture items in neutral shades all over this living room as well as wooden floor and small shelves for storage.

Meanwhile, the second living room has a kind of Eastern atmosphere featuring Asian design. The stools and coffee tables are in Asian design with some artworks on display as well. There is a large piece of artwork that makes a statement within the décor of this living room. Furthermore, there is a dining room with a colorful appeal. Bold yellow decorative items can be seen all over the space along with wooden flooring as well as white walls as the canvas for all the items there. There is a large bookcase with plenty of books there which could be another hobby of the owner.

Overall the decoration of this home is pretty simple with the background tones are bright white. The splashes of color were added through the use of many furniture items and decorative items. The result is a perfectly harmonious combination of bright background and bold details in every corner of the interior space. It is an inspiring décor to combine the plain idea of modern décor with splashes of colors and even artworks for the better look.

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