Minimalist Décor Style in Soft Color Scheme of a Danish Apartment


Stucco Ceiling Detail Large Wall Artwork Grey Textural Rug Black Sofa Books Black Side Tables Wood Floor Herringbone Pattern

There have been numerous apartments done in the most beautiful ways of decorating. The main thing to highlight is the fact that even an apartment which is a small space can still be decorated in gorgeous styles. Some people said that designers and even homeowners could be more creative as well as smarter when dealing with tight spaces of an apartment so that it could look great at the end. Another inspirational example of a beautiful apartment is the one belonging to Nathan Williams. He is the founder of Kinfolk magazine with his apartment is located at Copenhagen. Overall this beautiful apartment of Nathan Williams offers a completely minimalist style of decoration with soft and peaceful shades along with some additional textures here and there.

It can even be said that this apartment décor is a fine example of Danish elegance. Those who love to have minimalist interior should be taking the decoration of this apartment into consideration since it is highly inspiring. Surely there is a home office otherwise known as a studio. It features a desk with several chairs along with mid-century modern looking lighting fixtures. Simple white walls are there complemented by the texture of wooden floors as the background for a large artwork as well as a set of photo collage. Those are the inspiration storage for him when doing a project there.

Meanwhile inside the dining area of this beautiful apartment is a set of black dining furniture including a table and some chairs. A sphere lamp in the simplest style is there accentuating a beautiful ceiling next to all white walls within the space. It is totally simple without excessive detailing in every corner of the space. That is actually the key in creating a beautiful look out of a minimalist style interior decoration.

The living room is considerably laconic with the same flooring as in the home office accompanied by white walls and stucco look of its ceiling. The sofa is in dark finish of its vintage style as well as the coffee table in black. That contrasting effect is actually calming in this space with many books. The books are just stored there on the floor covered by a metallic surface so that at the end it delivers a clean line of décor. It is true that the décor looks like a blank canvas without too many details at all. Yet it looks and feels pretty good which indicates that minimalist décor can always look good when done properly like this one.


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Nathan Williams Wood Floor Herringbone Pattern White Wood Wall Panels Copperplanter Decorative Greenery White Wood Table

Stucco Ceiling Detail Large Wall Artwork Grey Textural Rug Black Sofa Books Black Side Tables Wood Floor Herringbone Pattern

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Black And White Photo Collage Wood Floor Herringbone Pattern Wood Chairs White Office Desk Large Black Ceramic Vase White Artwork Potted Greenery Books Sculptural Pendant

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