Living Room Decoration in Glam Style


Cream Wall Paint Light Wood Floor White Large Rug Gold Chandelier Light Cream Buttoned Sofa Metal Tables Glass Top Potted Plants Large Windows White Pillows Cream Pillows

Luxurious appeal out of a glam decorated living room is the favorite of some people. Just as in any other ideas regarding living room decoration, this one has its ways to get the job done. Understanding the key factors in creating luxurious and chic appeal at the same time is crucial for this living room decoration style. Everything will begin with a variety of shades and textures of decoration that soon followed by furniture and accessories.

Special shouts and glamorous screams more than others.. So, thinking about the colors for this decoration style is crucial as a start. The shades of pink will do the job although there are other options as well to consider. Lilac, pure white, some shades of grey and neutrals can also be the central color scheme combination for a living room incorporating glam style. The monochromatic pair of black-white combinations can be just the perfect choice. The secret in this part is to be able to combine only the proper options of color for the right atmosphere.

Aside of just dealing with colors, decorating a living room in glam style means that textures should be involved. Thus once the colors are chosen, several textures should be considered to fill the room as well. Different materials of furniture, upholstery, curtain, rug and some accentuating accessories will be there to meet the different need of textures. Shiny metals are among the best things to add to glam style décor. Copper, brass, and silver will all be doing great for the accent within the glam color scheme selected previously. Frames and legs of furniture pieces can be made of metals for sure. Crystal clear stuff can also be perfect such as chandelier as well as a mirror. A little bit of fur addition to the room such as fur area rug or fur pillows will enhance the glam accent even further.

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Once the main furniture pieces have been selected, adding smaller pieces of accessories will still be beautiful for the overall decoration. Artworks to be placed on the wall with shiny golden frames all around them will just be nice.  Even classic items such as old cameras or old phones will be perfect to add a different flair to the glam décor of the living room.At the end it is not so hard to go glam in decorating a living room.


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Cream Wall Paint Light Wood Floor White Large Rug Gold Chandelier Light Cream Buttoned Sofa Metal Tables Glass Top Potted Plants Large Windows White Pillows Cream Pillows

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