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One Type Of Illusive Luminaire

Are you a person who is anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like extraordinary things? Are you a person who wants a unique item? Then, you may come to the right place and time. This time, I am going to share you a single lamp that anti-mainstream and extraordinary that will express yourself in your favorite space. This lamp is designed in a unique shape which is unusual and exceptional. The light which is also produced not like the other lamp because it plays with illumination. Having this kind of single bulb make your space calm. You will not only get a calm ambiance, but also you can have an eye-catching item in your space. Let’s have a look at it!

This unique item is named Illusive Luminaire. The illusive luminaire is a lightweight group that is the intersection of the virtual and physical world. Since the producers of this item have a culture to rely on services and communication technologies, digital virtuosity has become essential in the design practice, blurring the line between digital and crafts, creating a new culture of production. Illusive Luminaire is included in the Ying Chang’s lighting series, and it was born in collaboration with Federico Trucchia. They use digital tools since the designers are allowed to think without the constraints of mass manufacturing.

Let’s see closer at this unique item. The design is quite unusual, and this single item is done without for reasons. With the help of addictive manufactures, seemingly decorative details are given the function of creating complex shadows to manipulate illumination. Therefore, the light which is produced from this extraordinary lamp will be in the maximum illumination.

The thoughtful design of this unusual lamp can correctly give the light of the space. The forms and the way light produces through the fire are personalized to complement each other. Charismatic styles are as interesting as they are always lit up constantly.

As a result of all the design, the technique that is used, and all the details, Ying Chang’s Illusive Luminaire look is a balance between digital abstract and iconic forms. Some of these forms will remind you of the classic architecture. This fantastic lamp is made with the shape of Greek sculptures, not the usual one but the extraordinary ones. Such a design is catching an eye of everyone who sees it at the first time.

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One Type Of Illusive Luminaire

Four Various Types Of Illusive Luminaire

A Shining Illusive Luminaire In Second Type Of ‘The Ruins’ Type

‘The Ruins’ Types Of Illusive Luminaire

A Illusive Luminaire In Second Type Of ‘The Ruins’ Type

‘The Ruins’ Types Of Shining Illusive Luminaire

A Shining Illusive Luminaire In The Other Shape

Four Various Types Of Shining Illusive Luminaire

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