Ideas to Add Farmhouse Touches To Your Interior


A Stained Wooden Desk And A Matching Sideboard With Shutters

Are you a person who like something different? If you are looking for some ideas about home style, trying farmhouse style can be a great choice for you who are extraordinary. In this time, I would like to share some ideas about having a home with farmhouse style.

Farmhouse chic is a rustic charm but a bit different because such a style is a mix of shabby chic and rustic styles. Farmhouse interior is usually done in creamy shades with stained wood. Such an interior brings a cozy and comfy ambience in the spaces. Here some ideas for you to rock farmhouse touch to your interior. Get inspired!

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture usually used in outdoor spaces, but it is also a good item to be a part of rustic, cottage, and farmhouse interiors. Choose some nice and eye catching items to fill your kitchen and dining space. You may try wicker stools for the breakfast space and comfy chairs for dining area. You can choose the wicker furniture in grey or creamy shades to fit a neutral interior. Although it is neutral, but wicker furniture still give an interesting texture to the space. There are plenty options of wicker furniture that you can choose such as armchairs, side tables, and benches.

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Stained Cabinets

Stained wood is another items that you can try to get farmhouse interiors. It is a great idea to get cozy and timeless space. There are many stained wood furniture you can try to be placed in different spaces like your home office, kitchen, bathroom, and many other spaces. If you cannot find the perfect one for your space, try to do DIY and choose a shade of stain that you like. Stained shelves and countertops, headboards and sideboards, benches and chairs are absolutely needed for a comfy farmhouse ambience in your home.


Shutters are another ideas for having farmhouse interiors. It can be used for numerous decoration and you can make it by yourself in your home. Such items are great to bring vintage feel in the farmhouse style interior. Shutters can be attached to the wall and it will be nice farmhouse decoration. You may also use a shutter as a headboard for you comfy bed. Shutters can be transformed into benches, chairs, shelving units, even a kitchen island. Colored those shutters with pastels or cream, add shelves or a countertop, and voila! This is a creative way to add a farmhouse feel to the space while making it eye-catchy and interesting.


An Old Shutter As A Coat Rack Hung On A Wall

Two Grey Shutters Hung Above A Grey Vanity And Two Chairs With Cushions In Grey Shades

A Wooden Headboard Of A Bed With Many Pillows In Dark Shades

A Table With Two Attractive Lamps Over It Paired With Some Wicker Chairs

A White Shutter As A Bathroom Shelf With Many Toiletries

A Stained Bench With Comfy Cushions And Two Standing Lamps

A Wicker Side Table With A Stack Of Books, A Vase Of Flowers, And A Cup On It

Wicker Chairs Placed In A Counter With Marble Countertop And Wooden Bowl On It

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