How to Make a Cheerful Nursery


An Aviation Theme Nursery With Aero Plane Pic Hung On The Wall And An Aero Modelling Over The Baby Bed

It can be very confusing for you create the first space for your child, moreover if you are a parent to be and you have a lot of things to be decided at once. Maybe you need some ideas about how to make a cheerful and functional space which is comfortable for the child and the parents? Here I will give you some tips that you can try to decorate the nursery. Check it out!

Build Around the Theme

First of all, you need to choose a Nursery theme. Give your imagination and get fun with the idea and colors. An imagination usually cannot be used when you are decorating an adult space because it does not use a theme. You can get so much fun by making a whimsy room for the nursery. You may go for bright colors, bold prints, colorful artworks, and large decoration items as long as they fit the theme.

For a girl’s space, you can choose some cute girlish theme like a princess, vintage, shabby chic, and some other issues. For the color, try to have shades of pink and various pastels. For the boy’s space, try to use colors such as black, grey, and navy since such an area is usually connected with the ocean, aviation, space, and the other similar theme. For you who want a more gender-neutral space, you may go for rustic, anima, travel, or adventure for the issue. Don’t forget to use neutral shades that is proper. However, these ideas are not strict at all. If you have a daughter, but you want to use navy color, it is also ok.

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Choose Functional Furniture

Having functional furniture is an excellent idea. It does not matter if you have a small or large space, this kind of furniture will be beneficial in saving space, money, and many others. Try new transformable cribs and creative and playful toys with a function, for example, shelves in animals or trees shape to play with. You can also do something like hiding a changing table in a closet or wardrobe, hanging a few pockets or a basket on the fence to store your things. Placing a comfy chair or armchair with a footrest also crucial for your corner.

Provide Storage

Providing some storages is a good idea since kid need a bunch of stuff and you need to keep those stuff. You may go for a built-in storage, dressers with open shelves, or some baskets. A pegboard over a changing table and open shelves are also good ideas.


A Giraffe Storage Full Of Dolls

A Cute Pastel Nursery With Pastel Furniture

An Aviation Theme Nursery With Aero Plane Pic Hung On The Wall And An Aero Modelling Over The Baby Bed

An Armoire Hides A Changing Table Storage With Some Additional Lights

A Self In Giraffe Shape Full Of Toys

An Open Shelves With Cooper Railing Full Of Hanging Clothes And Toys

A Ocean Theme Nursery With Wooden Furniture And Blue Shades Fabric And Cushions

An Adventure Theme Nursery With White Baby Bed, A Chair With Cushion, A White Rug, And Many Others

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