Home Office in Feminine Touch


A Black And White Statement Sofa Paired With A Wooden Pink Table With A Pot Of Flowers And Black Lamp On It

Feminine spaces are lovely! It’s smooth and soft, or thick and vibrant. They are stimulating us to get many inspiration every day in creating and designing. This time, we are going to discuss feminine home offices for you who like to work at home and need a cozy space with feminine nuance that can give much inspiration to your working.

First thing, choose your style. You may select modern, rustic, minimalist, glam, or shabby chic. After you have the method, you can choose the colors. You may go for any colors that you like, but the color which give feminine touch is pastels, purple, pink, red, and off-whites. You do not need to make bold of all the spaces. Giving some touches or an accent wall with floral wallpaper will be a good idea to keep your area stylish. After you do all those things, you need to furnish the space with at least the main items; they are a desk, shelves, chairs, and lighting pieces.


Choose a desk that proper to your style and colors of the space. The most popular idea is a white desk because it can be matched most styles and colors. To make it more feminine, you can take a piece of lace or just some form of carving. Have a golden framing and make your table legs luxurious, then the acrylic table looks very light as if floating in the air. You can go for a hot pink table to make a statement in a modern office, or a purified mirror section to give it a classic luxury touch. Old wooden desks also provide a fabulous look, and they are usually completed with drawers which are very useful.

Storage Units

For a home office, storage is a high necessity since it is a working space that needs something to keep things in order. Creating a floating shelf can be a great idea as they look light and can store lots of stuff. If your home office is tiny, you may go for a storage system with built-in desks. Glass cabinets or open cabinets is perfect to be added to a modern home office. If you want more functional storage, choosing a desk with drawers will be the right option.

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You have to choose light fixtures carefully because it will highlight the home office look. The most popular one is metallic lamps and crystal chandeliers because they give a glamorous look and bring that cool feminine touch to space. You are free to choose any light or bulbs that you need to highlight your décor as long as it is proper and fit your home office style.


A Chair With Cushion Matched With A White Table With A Computer On It Placed In A Room With Wooden Floor

A Chair With Cushion Matched With A Large White Table With A Computer On It Placed On A Rug

A Chair With Cushion Matched With A White Table With A Vase Of Flower, And Lamp On It Placed On A Room With A Pic Hanged On The Wall

A Pin Board Full Of Pics Hanged Near A White Table With Flowers And A Book On It, Some Pink Chairs Around It

A White Chair Paired With A White Wooden Table With A Vase And A Lamp On It In A Luxurious Look

A Large White Cabinet Behind A White Chair And A White Table With A Vase Of Flower On It

A Soft Pink Chair Paired With A White Working Table With A Computer And White Lamp On It Placed Near Two Bags

A Flowery Comfy Sofa Paired With A Wooden Table With Vases Of Flowers And Some Stuffs On It Facing A Flower Curtain

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