Highly Functional Apartment in Modern Design and Geo Patterns


Grey Corner Sofa Round Wooden Tables Wooden Floor Patterned Rug Red Stools Red Frame Hanging Bulbs Accent Pillows Concrete Statement Wall Wall Mounted Tv

Modern style interior décor is closely associated with the function. Many items in modern style décor will be highly functional while also being as helpful as possible in enhancing the décor itself. Furthermore in dealing with modern decoration of any interior today, adding color splashes is an optional thing to do which can elevate the décor further. In short, a modern living space should be practical and functional while remain to be so beautiful and enjoyable. There is a highly functional apartment finished in modern décor by Yale Perry. It was a renovation project in Sharon region of Israel that brought the creativity of the Tel Aviv-based designer into reality within the decoration of the apartment.

The apartment is only about 240-square-meter in which maximizing the use of space without using somewhat dark and moody color scheme is the challenge faced by Yale Perry. Well, the apartment ended up given a stripped-back color scheme alongside muted color of the walls in blue and grey. It is intended to keep the visual space large despite the limited available space. That is the main canvas to deal with when decorating this apartment.

To bring such unique appeal in the décor, Yale Perry incorporates geometric shapes all over the interior. Diamonds, rectangles, and squares all over the walls in flashes of colors so that the walls of the apartment are considered artistic. There is no need of adding wall artworks at all at the end since the walls have become the artworks for the décor. That is a clever idea of beautifying a space without having to be complicated and using too many items at once. There is a wall in the living area covered in concrete to create an industrial style statement wall. Meanwhile, in the entryway, there are walls painted in black chalkboard paint so that messages can be exchanged there within the owners of the apartment and the visitors.

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The furniture items are in splashes of colors as well to balance the somewhat muted background tone of the interior. Red stools, blue side table, and orange office decorative items can all be seen there maximizing the décor. The master bedroom is on the upper level with grey glass panels to separate it from the staircase. Within the bedroom, there is a tiny office area in one of the corners. Certainly, this small apartment is so nice to look at while remaining highly functional for its owners who are expecting a child.


Large Round Wooden Shade Hanging Lamp White Bedding Blue Statement Wall White Pillows Metal Bed Frame White Rolled Curtain Round White Side Table Books

Red Chairs Grey Sofa Concrete Statement Wall Grey Pillows Books Small Geometric Side Table White Fridge

Light Wooden Floor White Walls White Large Round Shade Hanging Lamp Wooden Chair Dolls Fabric Basket Black Bucket

Wooden Floor Black Chair Black Geometric Top Side Table Chalkboard Wall Flat Tv Wall Mounted Grey Sofa Books

Grey Corner Sofa Round Wooden Tables Wooden Floor Patterned Rug Red Stools Red Frame Hanging Bulbs Accent Pillows Concrete Statement Wall Wall Mounted Tv

Dark Wooden Floor White Metal Stool Corner Floating Desk White Table Lamp Red Storage Container Grey Upholstered Bed White Bedding Wall Lamp

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