Glass Walls and Brass Details Combination a Beautiful Apartment


White Themed Kitchen Grey Finished Kitchen Cabinets White Curtains Private Garden View Potted Plant Wall Lamp

Dealing with apartment decoration is always tricky since the available space highly limits it. It can be outstandingly beautiful when the decorating is done properly by combining just the right things within the décor. There is a beautiful apartment in Tel Aviv that combines glass and brass elements within the décor. It has just been renovated to be more open to accommodate an additional room. The result of the renovation done by Amir Navon of Studio 6b Design School along with Maayan Zusman is a light-filled and comfortable apartment.

The fact that the entire space of the apartment is only 70 square meters is one tricky element to deal with. Surely removing the old walls of the apartment is the very first thing needed to be done to open up the interior space. Once the walls have been removed, then the original layout was modified to accommodate one more rooms. In the end, the apartment has been altered from a one-bathroom space into a two-bathroom space with compact kitchens and home office. It is a highly functional apartment with those rooms inside, right? That is amidst the good things of this apartment that include private garden as the other one.

The flooring of this apartment is made of light-toned oak arranged in herringbone pattern. Pale colors are there as well in the living space while dark accents can be seen in the kitchen area. Throughout the interior décor of this apartment, there are brass touches in various forms including lighting fixtures. There relights as well on the structural pillars of this apartment to highlight those elements instead of hiding them. Meanwhile, there are smart ideas to save the use of space as well all over this apartment. A wardrobe in the wall right between the living room and the bedroom with translucent glass to let the light enters the space. Glass walls enclose the home office area in the living room area along with shelving units all across that area.

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Well, the private garden has its exterior decking to match the interior space. Living green walls can be seen there delivering freshness to space. That is another clever idea of adding things to space without having to worry about floor space. Small space does not mean that it cannot be looking good since this apartment is nothing else but good.


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White Themed Kitchen Grey Finished Kitchen Cabinets White Curtains Private Garden View Potted Plant Wall Lamp

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