Fresh Looking and Highly Relaxing Garden by Kate Seddon Landscape Design


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Having a well-designed and decorated garden is a great thing that will easily freshen up the surrounding area. Unfortunately, it is true that not everyone has the chance to enjoy a fresh and beautiful garden right in its backyard or terrace. Well, one thing about a garden is that it will always be nice to enjoy just like this one in Melbourne. It can be an inspiring garden for those who have been dreaming about having a private garden for years. The garden is located in South Yarra of Melbourne. It is a gorgeous outdoor room which is a very relaxing place to spend the afternoon with friends while enjoying a cup of tea.

The garden was built by incorporating crunchy gravel and sandstone paving as the base of it. That combination is a long-lasting mixture in which the look is highly natural. Thus the so-called basic landscape has its cozy feel already which is important in taking the next steps in designing the garden itself for the best result at the end.

Go further into the park; there is an almost indisputable iconic attraction. The ivy on the walls is all fresh and healthy in its growing state. That is the main reason for the garden to be able to deliver a fresh atmosphere as well as cozy feel all over the space. It makes the garden looks greener all the way. Furthermore, there is a pond clad in the garden using the same paving materials as the base of the garden. Pebbles surrounded the pond to accentuate the look of it for another addition to the relaxing vibe of this garden.

There is a set of garden furniture as well to be the place of relaxing and enjoying the garden itself. The furniture is in black finish made of wood and metal. The furniture looks right to be placed in the garden with its everlasting appeal. It does not compromise the so-called peacefulness of the garden in the middle of the greens. Limestone can be seen there as well around the garden that delivers a bit more accentuating effect in the middle of the greeneries there. Obviously, that is a job well done by Kate Seddon Landscape Design to be able to create a relaxing and fresh looking garden in the middle of a crowded city of Melbourne.


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Trees Lush Greeneries Glazed Walls Flowers Stone Exterior Flooring Green Grass Concrete Planters Exposed Brick Half Walls

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