Farmhouse Christmas Decor for Your Christmas


A Green Garland With Burlap Bows For Stair Decor

Rustic decor helps you to get cozy and more welcoming space. It is also budget-friendly. Because of that, this kind of decor become very famous nowadays. Having the rustic style for your Christmas decor is a nice idea. Is there anything better than a rustic Christmas space? This time, I am going to share some ideas for creating a Christmas farmhouse space. Have a look at it and get inspired!

Colors and Prints

I bet that you never think that black and white are a classic color scheme for a farmhouse Christmas space. We usually emerald, red, and white as the chosen color, but black and white are actually a better idea for a farmhouse look. Neutral colors are also nice to be used. You may go for all greys and off-whites to get a winter wonderland feel in your space. Some red touches are also nice and proper for Christmas. Besides, red will go well with a black and white combo. Choose buffalo check or traditional plaid for the prints. It looks rustic by itself and really helps to make your decor more stand out.

Christmas tree Decor

Snowy and flocked trees are looked relaxing and very wintery that make it very proper for farmhouse Christmas decoration. A completely unexpected idea that will beautify your space is to plant the tree into a bucket or basket. It will be very helpful. If you want to add an industrial touch to space, just grab a whitewashed wooden box or a crate. It will be very nice and proper in farmhouse atmosphere. Add also some additional trees or branch arrangements in buckets, bottles, baskets, or crates to get more stand out decoration.

Christmas Signs and Lights

Some proper signs and lights that fit the style may become a nice idea for you who want to bring a cool vintage farmhouse feel to your space. What you need is chalkboard signs, shabby pallet and wooden ones, and marquee lights. That kind of things will help you to create an atmosphere. Don’t be afraid of making chalkboard signs because you can also use them after the holiday is over. You can also make some colorful signs in your favorite shades, add a snowy evergreen garland and some pinecones to the piece as an ornament, or you may just hang a little sign.

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Christmas Garlands and Wreaths

A wreath or a garland is a necessity to make your Christmas complete. Make evergreen, cotton, and fresh greenery wreaths and garlands, and just add burlap and checked bows and ribbons to hang them. Make it as rustic as you like. Enjoy!


Some Quotation Ornaments For A Snowy Christmas Tree

Letters Light And Other Christmas Ornaments On The Stair Way

Two Buckets With Trees Placed In The Porch

A Room Full Of Christmas Ornaments Like Green Wreaths, Red Fabric On The Ladder, And Some Trees Ornaments

A Snowy Christmas Tree Placed Near Three Black Stools And A Sink With Marble Countertop

A Fireplace Full Of Christmas Ornaments Like Some Pots Of Plants, Hanging Black And White Shocks, And Some Candles

A Green Wreath And Garland Hung Over A Bench With Some Cushions And Some Trees Ornamnets

Some Buckets With Evergreen Branches And Plaid Ribbons Placed In The Stair Way

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