Dark Finished House in a Forest with a Wonderful Scenery to Enjoy


Trees Green Grass Dry Leaves Glazed Walls Dark Finished Wooden Exterior Cladding

A house in a kind of forest might be a dream that some people wanted to have. recently it is true that people prefer to feel the natural atmosphere closely. Thus many ideas in-house design and interior décor have been circulating within the theme of nature. Well, there is an actual house in a forest with a dark wooden finish that surprisingly looks so gorgeous. This house is on a river with its courtyard and trees as well as wonderful view above the river to enjoy. It is a nice place to live today, out of those crowded and complicated cities, right?

This so-called forest house is just outside Seattle in Greenwater of Washington. It is pretty close to Mt. Rainier as well which makes it pretty reasonable to have a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. Robert Hutchinson’s Architecture designed it in its 1,900 square feet of space. The overall look of this 2-bedroom house is seamlessly blended with the surrounding. That matter is the effect of its custom-run Western red cedar exterior cladding in the darkened finish. Thus the natural setting of its location will not be disrupted at all by this house exterior finish. In term of its exterior, there is a courtyard right in front of it as a welcoming space for its visitors before entering its beauty inside its interior space.

An open living space in a large size is there with sliding glass doors on both ends of the space. There is a functional fireplace on the steel surface intended as the focus core of the room itself. Wooden floors and beams can be seen there as well to accentuate the modern feeling inside this space. The natural finish on those items strengthens the natural elements of this house just as this location itself.

The house has lots of windows along with double-height ceilings that are intended to reduce the footprint while maximizing the available space. Those features along with white walls and wooden floors are beneficial in creating a visually larger interior space. Moreover, the windows can be used to enjoy the forest views of its surrounding at any time. Well, both the inside and the outside of this house have natural elements that are enjoyable as well as the surrounding area of its location.


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Trees Green Grass Dry Leaves Glazed Walls Dark Finished Wooden Exterior Cladding

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