Creating an Art Deco Style Bathroom at Ease


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Art deco style is a pretty eye catchy décor to incorporate. It is all about visual arts inspired by the time before World War I in France. Certainly, it combines fine craftsmanship and rich materials alongside modern ideas back in the old days. Well, within interior décor today it can still be beneficial to enhance any interior décor. Bold geometric patterns can be considered to be the main influence in this style of decoration. Surprisingly even a bathroom can look good with this décor style properly incorporated there.

Starting any decorating matter of a bathroom should be the walls. It means that the walls will deliver instant change in the overall appeal of the bathroom décor without having to deal with anything else at first. Marble is a decent choice for this art décor style of decoration. It can be any marble with any option of color. Surely it can be incorporated in either the wall or the floor. Furthermore, it will be nice as well when considering the use of tiles especially subway style of the tile. The small rectangular shape of subway tile could be the key to creating the eye-catching appeal of the bathroom walls in the scope of art deco style.

The furniture items inside the bathroom should be in art décor accents as well for the sake of getting the best appeal of the decoration. Black and brass combination in the form of a vanity can be a decent choice. On the other hand, marble countertop can always be added to any bathroom vanity to boost the décor further. Metal accents in brass, copper, or even gold should be there to incorporate when trying to maximize the look of an art deco bathroom.

It is quite important to add a few glam touches in art deco decoration style. It has been mentioned earlier that metal accents can be selected in which they will create a few glam flairs. Crystal material in the form of chandelier, wall sconces, or ceiling lights could be the right items to use in an art deco bathroom in glam flairs. It is recommended to add a few vintage flairs as well since art deco style was originated from the time before World War I. When done properly by considering all the important aspects of art deco style of decoration, even a bathroom can look really good.


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Peafowl Print Wallpaper Gatsby Inspired Vanity Brass Accents Marble Vanity Surface Geometric Wall Mirror Black Large Tiles Floor

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