Coolest Collections of Outdoor Furniture for Any Outdoor Space Enhancement


The ULM Outdoor Furniture Collection From Ramón Esteve For Vondom White Finish Brown Cushions Ocean View Small Square White Table Man And Woman Enjoying Outdoor Space

Adding just the right pieces of furniture into an outdoor space will affect the area significantly. Both the look and the function of outdoor space can be maximized further away when the furniture items are the perfect one. Concerning that matter, these are some of the most refreshing options of outdoor furniture collection that will boost both the look and the function of any outdoor space in no time.

Holly Hunt has the vast collection of Spring 2017 inspired by the sea. There are several pieces grouped that include lounge chairs, sofas, and some tables as well. In short, the primary design lines are very fluid with decent architectural details and pretty luxurious appeal for any outdoor space. Meanwhile, TRIMM Copenhagen comes with the collection of beanbag furniture using Sunbrella durable canvas as the covering. Thus the entire collection features durability and comfort along the use of them in any outdoor space. A designer from Spain named Jamie Hayon delivers the strikingly bold collection of Gardenias. A garden chair, a sofa, and even a monkey table with monkey sculpt base are there in this collection that features bright colors.

Next on this list is the one from Patricia Urquiola named Mesh. It is not a mess though since it is a perfect mix of industrial materials with natural ones. The base is made of wood or marble with expanded metal mesh structure in the top so that it looks light and airy although it is sturdy and durable while also beautiful. Furthermore, there is the one collection from Bertjan Pot for Weltevree named Patio set furniture. It is a set of modern items with excellent comfort level without the need or anything else in its use even some cushions. Roberti Rattan comes with the collection of rattan garden furniture that looks just unique. The look is pretty modern and pretty practical one in term of its function with the shape of hanging chairs, chairs swinging sofas and sofas.

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ULM collection of Ramon Esteve for Vondom is a decent choice as well. It features a sofa, chairs coffee table, couch and ottoman in the stable and rigid build. It is beautiful and comfortable when in use. Rodolfo Dordoni has the furniture collection named Braided for Kettal. It features braiding using ropes in combination with aluminum frames, cushions and even stone and teak. Gandia Blasco is a brand from Spain that offers a modern collection of outdoor furniture. All of the items from chaise lounges, rocking chairs, hanging beds and some others are pretty modern and highly durable with aluminum, glass, steel, polyurethane, and plastic as the materials. Next set to choose is the one named Blau from Fran Silvestre Arquitectos for the previously mentioned brand Grandia Blasco. Extruded aluminum is the main build profile that screams the Mediterranean all the way in its appeal.


The Mesh Collection Of Outdoor Furniture By Patricia Urquiola Wooden Base Sofa Grey Upholstered Cushions Accent Pillows

The Braided Outdoor Furniture Collection From Rodolfo Dordoni For Kettal White Black And Brown Pilloes Brown Cushions Rectangular Table Living Greenery Wall Waterfront Outdoor Space

The Blau Outdoor Furniture Collection From Fran Silvestre Arquitectos White Tubing Frame Chairs And Sofa Grey Cushions Small White Rectangular Table

The Patioset From Bertjan Pot For Weltevree Light Wooden Materials Potted Greenery Hanging Lamp Small Wooden Table Grey Cushion Cover Lamtop Green Cup White Saucer

The Beanbag Outdoor Furniture Collection From TRIMM Copenhagen Round White Coffee Table Wooden Outdoor Terrace Black Wooden Wall White Wooden Framed Glass Window

The 2017 Outdoor Furniture Collection From Holly Hunt Black Base Sofa Frame Grey Cushion Bold Green Backrest And Armrests White Pillows Trees Manicured Lawn

The Garden Furniture Collection From Roberti Rattan Suspended Circular Design Comfy Seats Accent Pillows Potted Plants Grey Finished Rough Brick Wall

The ULM Outdoor Furniture Collection From Ramón Esteve For Vondom White Finish Brown Cushions Ocean View Small Square White Table Man And Woman Enjoying Outdoor Space

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