Color Formula of 60-30-10 to Your House


Beige Room Nuance With A Chandelier And A Table And Flowers And Windows With Standing Lamp And Picture

Do you know what the most popular diet program nowadays is? There may several answers possible, but I tend to answer it with a keto diet. What is interesting about this diet is the food proportion that is set. Fat is around 75% of the total food for each portion, protein is around 20%, and carbohydrate is the least with only 5%. That proportion is, in fact, is not only applied to a diet program. In deciding the appropriate home décor, now there is also the formula which is called 60-30-10.

That formula is for the three colours we will choose to our home décor, especially the interior one. Selecting more than three colours will make the room looks too excessive. While deciding only to have two or less, that will make the room seems so boring and have no interest at all. That is why this colour formula is created. The effort to find this perfect formula has been started since long time ago. Finally, there has been the result now. And by applying the right formula, your home décor will be so much more interesting compared to those made without any formula as its basic idea.

Let’s discuss the meaning of each colour percentage. The first is 60%. This is the main colour. You will apply this colour to more than a half part of your room. Mostly, the part chosen will be on wall, ceiling, and floor. The best way to determine the colour is deciding the neutral and bright one. That will bring the easiness in choosing the two more aspects below.

    The second one is 30%. The chosen colour will have the function to add the interest of the entire room. You can still consider your favourite with the darker gradation. The things that you can choose to be in this colour is your carpet, curtain, or big types of furniture like a bookshelf or cabinets.

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Moving to the third percentage is the accent colour. It only has 10% which will be just a little part of your room containing this chosen colour. The colour can be one with the brighter touch. It can be the shades of the main or additional colour. And it can be other colours which remain different from those both two categories. Apply it to your accessories like vases, cushions, pictures or others you think appropriate.


Soft Blue And White Combination With A Mirror Cabinet A Tub Shelf And A Sofa With Towel

Two Small Ottomans In Navy With Gret Ru And Shelf Containg Books And A Ladder And A Chandelier

Black Wall With Wooden Floor Completed With Wooden Chairs And A Simple Chandelier And Greenery And Shelf

Light Brown Wall With White Ceiling And Light Green Bed Cover With Flowerish And White Pillows

Wooden Floor With Beige Wall And Blue Table Cushions And Black Standing Lamp With Accessories In The Shelf

Kid's Room With Soft Color On The Bed Mirror And Blanket Pillows With A Shelf And A Window

Monochrome Room With A Floral Chandelier And Sofa And Brown Cushions And Flowers And Windows

Grey Bedroom Nuance With Various Pictures And A White Soft Rug And Dark Pillows

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