Circulum Shelving Unit to Make the Most of Any Space


Circulum Suspended Shelf Matte Black Leather Surface Light Wooden Ends Black Tubing Glasses Pen Wrist Watch

The modern dwelling will commonly need to deal with limited space in term of its floor surface. It means that not much of things can be placed right above the floor surface. Well, many furniture items will definitely need to be placed on the floor in which it could be a problem for a limited space available in many modern houses. The ultimate solution for such matter is to choose furniture items that do not need to be placed on the floor. There are some options of furniture that can be attached on the wall as well as suspended on the ceiling.

One of the options in term of furniture item that does not need floor space is the Circulum shelf from Raketa Studio of Rok Kuhar and Katjusa Kranjc Kuhar. It will surely save lots of floor space since it is a suspended type of shelving unit. This latest design of a shelving unit from Raketa Studio offers its main function as a shelf without having to use a lot of space while at the same time being so aesthetically pleasing to boost the décor of any space it is located. Clearly it is an item that will be needed by many homeowners of modern living spaces in such limited space.

This particular shelving unit of the Raketa Studio is released in several finishes to pick. It will greatly deliver different atmosphere within any space of its placement for real. White marble, walnut wood, black leather and so many other combinations are available to be chosen. In term of its appearance, this furniture item can even be considered to be a bit sculptural so that it will really be a nice addition to any interior décor of modern spaces. It is considered a trend though that a modern furniture item can be highly functional while also desirable. The idea is to really compress the need of space so that less furniture will already be enough in both function and appearance.

As a storage unit, of course, it can be used to store various items that include glasses, wallets, keys, phones and some other essentials needed for daily routine. The actual shelf is made of walnut along with copper tubing to accentuate the natural appeal of wood in just one example of its piece. This versatile item can even be used as a side table. It will also be nice to be placed in many different spots as well.


Circulum Suspended Shelf White Marble Circular Surface Gold Tubing Lipsticks

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Circulum Suspended Shelf Matte Black Leather Surface Light Wooden Ends Black Tubing Glasses Pen Wrist Watch

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