Chic and Modern Apartment Décor in an Old Building of 1930s


Woman In Black Patterned Rug White Tables Wooden Floor Herringbone Pattern Wall Artworks Pendant Lights Blue Sofa Accent Pillows Wooden Comfy Chair

It is quite a trend to renew old stuffs including old building as well. There are so many examples of old items that can either be completely restored or refurbished to look just amazingly nice. Surprisingly today even old buildings can be altered accordingly to be a completely new space. Some people have proven that even old building can be tricked a bit to meet the demands and needs of people today in respect to a residential space. There is an example of such thing as a renovated old building to be a modern living space of modern people today in Tel Aviv.

There is an old building of 1930s in Tel Aviv with a decent renovation done by a group of architects with a really decent result at the end. The 1930s Bauhaus building is like a completely new building with modern décor and chic touches inside. Ilana Bronfen, Lital Ophir, Chen Navon and Amir Navon are all involved in the project of renovating this old building right in the hear got Tel Aviv. The end result eliminates dark feeling inside the apartment into an airy one. Now it has a large balcony to sweep the views all around the city of Tel Aviv.

Grey, white and black colors are all incorporated within the interior décor in a monochromatic color scheme as the base. Meanwhile there are touches of copper, green and blue in some areas to enhance the décor. There is a large communal living space inside the apartment to create a visually large space there. It runs to the balcony in a parallel way with abundant natural lights coming to the apartment through four access points into the apartment.

Yet the classic characteristics of the building remain to be there although the interior décor is mainly within the scope of modern style. Herringbone pattern wooden floor, Carrara marble and safety-wired glass are all there to ensure that the classic vibes remain there within the interior décor. The kitchen area is as warm as the living space with two-way kitchen island so that meal prepping can always be the thing of many people. Openness is definitely the main idea there within the interior décor since it is an apartment with a considerably tight space. This is actually another example of old meets new in term of interior decoration that turns out to be somewhat easy to get done.


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Woman In Black Patterned Rug White Tables Wooden Floor Herringbone Pattern Wall Artworks Pendant Lights Blue Sofa Accent Pillows Wooden Comfy Chair

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