Brick Clad Perimeter House with Industrial Aesthetic to Enjoy


White Painted Brick Exterior Wall Outdoor Swimming Pool Kids Jumping Into Pool Potted Plants Industrial Style Exterior Wall Finish

A pool, as well as a private courtyard, is just a little fun offered by a well-designed perimeter house done by make Architecture of Australia. The house is located in Melbourne in which it is clad with a brick in the purpose of keeping the so-called industrial heritage within the district of its location. That really creates a unique appeal of this house. This Victorian cottage is a perfect mix of industrial aesthetic and functional residence so that there are several industrial features to enjoy. The pitched room is just one of the industrial features of this house.

It has its upper floor level made of black-painted brick in a specific pattern that looks just nice. That pattern creates a kind of perforated screen lining up on the rooftop terrace. The use of brick is a smart move to create a connection to the house to the surrounding areas. Clearly, that is the matter of keeping the industrial heritage of the area of its location without having to go all industrial in many ways.

The main living space inside the house has its view to the inner courtyard of this building. It is important to enhance the sense of privacy of the yard itself as well as the interior of the house without having to be somewhat cramped with a limited view of the outside. Modern style is the main décor inside the house with just a bit of mid-century touches. White is the main interior tone to make the space light and visually spacious. The smart idea is to create a corridor there in the purpose of joining the volumes of the house while also providing a reading spot in an open layout facing the terrace.

Furthermore, there is a decked garden as well with its access from the stairs moving right away from the kitchen into the main bedroom space of this house. Potted plants and beautiful views of the surrounding trees can be enjoyed there. The courtyard is visible from the deck as well. There is even a kind of narrow pool at one end of the space that is finished in white brick for a light feel of it. Overall the house is done properly with just the right amount of outdoor features addition so that the functional aspect of this house is as good as the decorative elements of it. In the end, the enjoyable décor of its interior is an inspiring one.

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Outdoor Fireplace White Brick Cladding Green Chairs Metal Round White Table Greenery Firewoods Trees

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White Painted Brick Exterior Wall Outdoor Swimming Pool Kids Jumping Into Pool Potted Plants Industrial Style Exterior Wall Finish

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