Bold Blue Décor Touches in Chic and Modern Style Geometric Home Interior


Wooden Floor Grey Sofa Small Wood Table Potted Plant Tall Bookshelf Cabinet Hanging Bulbs Wooden Stairs Wood Chairs Chopped Woods

Residential houses today are pretty unique in many ways. There are more and more people prefer to have somewhat unconventional designs of home to live. At a glance, the shape can determine a building to either be unique and modern or merely old-fashioned one. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get the needed supports in building unique houses today. There is the Metaforma Architects that has just done building a considerably geometrical building featuring two cubes. The two cubes intersect each other in shaping the body of the construction of a modern residential house in Poland. There are a larger cube and a smaller one with different functions in its interior.

The unique factor of this building is not just its exterior shape. The interior offers many unique aspects as well. Black plaster alongside cool pigments can be found there in the facades to help protect them against corrosion. Furthermore, metal casings and balustrades are completing the geometric unit of the house. The result is a fascinating display of three-dimensional effect within the décor.

Regarding the layout of the house, it has been appropriately planned to maximize the functions of each area of the house. The active lifestyle of the owner plays its role in determining the location of the specific regions inside the house. There is a so-called day zone on the ground floor of the house. Meanwhile, there is also the night zone on the second level to separate specific activities for the better enjoyment of life.

The guest area alongside sports room can be found in the ground level. Those are the areas where the owner of the house will mostly spend its time during the day. The upper level has the bedrooms as the main areas to rest after a long day. The use of electric blue and navy in the décor is perfectly lovely it makes the interior so eye-catchy and bold at the same time. Within the ground level, the use of blue is pretty much dominant. Meanwhile, in the living space of the house, there is a mostly sized bookcase to support the décor and design of the home really. There is also a unique wine cellar inside the house made of wooden pins in between brick rows on the wall. At the very end, this house is a well planned and decorated house with different apple inside and outside.


Wooden Floor Grey Sofa Small Wood Table Potted Plant Tall Bookshelf Cabinet Hanging Bulbs Wooden Stairs Wood Chairs Chopped Woods

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