Best Decors and Designs of Apartments within 2017


Yellow Chair Green Chair Dog Faux Fur Rug Tile Floor Wooden Dresser Wooden Cabinet Brick Wall Hanging Lamp Dolls

Decorating an apartment is different from renovating a house. One distinctive aspect that makes it so different is the space. Residence will have tighter space compared to home. It means that all things related to the decoration should be in favor of the space-saving matter. Within the year of 2017, there have been some great examples of well-designed and well-decorated apartments. Indeed the ideas found there are okay to adopt.

Bright colors should be there in apartment interior to create more substantial visual space. There is an apartment with bright blue wall alongside white floor. The result is a spacious interior. Sizeable curved sofa in blue upholstery accompanied only by a small round table in front of it. Another great example is a Scandinavian apartment with cream wall paint and wooden floor. Although the sofa is black, it feels just right in term of the décor. Next stop is a Nordic apartment in the white oak floor and blue wall. The ceiling is covered in a floral pattern which makes it unique. It has black bench and grey sofa through to accentuate and balance bright shades in its decor.

Another apartment owned by a wallpaper business owner is considerably full of pattern. It is a spot to test out wallpapers that can still look edgy and stylish. Bright colors are all over its interior with plenty colors being used. Different patterns and colors can work quite well to create a beautiful looking interior in an apartment when done correctly. Meanwhile, in Madrid, there is a lovely interior of a residence in full colors as well. The main idea of the décor is said to be vintage meets elegance that can be quite surprised at the end.

An apartment in just about 25 square meters can be functional with wooden furniture and cream tone all over it. It even has a spacious center area without anything on it. Long narrow space of an apartment can be altered accordingly to look beautiful and spacious. All white wall and ceiling with a few teal accents on the wall will do it correctly. Leaving the original brick wall as in the interior of the apartment can beautify the decor. An ultra-bright and tight apartment with the just white tone in its interior is a nice looking one as the head of Cosmopolitan Finland owns it. Even an apartment can be decorated in mid-century style with many items in it as the one found in Spain.


Light Blue Wall Paint Blue Upholstered Sofa Pink Flamingo Statue White Sculptural Decor White Red Wall Lamps Metal Round Small Table Glass Top Wooden Floor Flowers Framed Artwork

Yellow Chair Green Chair Dog Faux Fur Rug Tile Floor Wooden Dresser Wooden Cabinet Brick Wall Hanging Lamp Dolls

Wooden Floor Natural Brck Wall Round Wooden Table Can Vase Black Metal Floor Lamp Brown Leather Sofa Magazine

Nature Themed Wallpaper White Floor Glass Coffee Table Wooden Sofa Patterned Pillows Potted Plant Green Floor Lamp Wall Artwork Wooden Chair Green Upholstery

All White Room Books Framed Mirror Hanging Lamp Hanging Storage Black Chair Grey Blanket

Wooden Floor Metal Chairs Wooden Top Black Sofa Black Pillows Grey Rug Cream Wall Paint Ball Shaped Ceiling Lamps Round Coffee Table Black Glass Top Decorative Artworks

White Floor Cream Wall Wooden Dresse Wooden Table Metal Chairs Wooden Top Wooden Hanging Shelves Books Wooden Windows Round Stool Potted Plants

White Wall White Ceiling Rectangular Table Grey Sofa Teal Hanging Wall Decor Blue Pillows Girl Reading Round Tanle White Chairs Round Wall Mirror

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