Best Choices for Functional Home Office Desks to Have


The The Secretary Desk Design Of Isabel Ahm Light Wooden Finish Foldable Surface Hidden Storage Spaces

Setting up a home office means that there should be a desk to support everything needed to be done at it. The desk should be highly functional to make sure that working at home will be enjoyable without any problem at all. These are all of the best options of functional desks for any home office to have.

Giuseppe Burgio has its JOIN desk in straight lines and simple shapes. Its horizontal and vertical elements can be recombined in many ways to fit different needs of it. In short, it is a minimalist, lightweight, and easy to assemble option of a desk for a home office. Next is the Pill Wall desk by Emko in its stylish yet multifunctional design. It is the ultimate solution for a compact workspace that is free of clutter. Adjustable shelving system along with sockets is the crucial element of this desk. The Ink Desk of Jasper Morrison is a decent piece as well for any home office. It is made of walnut originated from the US in its trapezoidal shape. There are drawers, led light, and some compartments underneath to keep things related to work.

Next one on this roundup is the Calamo Desk by Gabriele Rosa of Zanotta. It is a console office desk with storage compartments for tablets, laptops, papers, and other stuff that could clutter up an office desk. Overall it features a thin top, a light frame, and drop leaf style storage compartment to form an elegant design yet functional at the same time. Metis Desk of Goncalo Capos is a piece of the solid wooden desk in a compact state made of either walnut or oak. Three drawers and a secret compartment are available there to provide storage spaces for stuff. Secretary Desk is amidst the functional desks for a home office. It is a writing desk by Isabel Ahm with hidden storage below a hinged top. When raised, it could support books, lamps, and some accessories as well.

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Artur de Menezes created the Pacco desk as a minimalist desk design for tight space. Even in its compact size, it features extra storage underneath the top surface of this desk. Next option is a piece of the foldable desk by LEVIT8 in which it can function in a full-size desk when opened. It has a unique box-twist folding to store it when not in use. Apparently, it is perfect for a tiny living space. PAMU delivers the Lean On the desk in its compact shape with its placement against the wall. It means that it can quickly be moved when needed. Last option is the one from MisoSoupDesigns named K Workstation. It is made of single piece of wood using bent construction. It offers storage spaces as well without the need of too much space to place it in any home office.


The K Workstation By MisoSoupDesigns Wooden Material In Continuous Line Of Shelving Unit And A Desk Red Chair Books Desktop Pc

The Easy To Join JOIN Desk Design By Giuseppe Burgio Minimalist Shape And Finish Desktop Pc Table Lamp Rolled Papers Books Potted Plants

The Metis Desk Design Of Gonçalo Campos Foldable Surface Hidden Compartment Pens Phone Books Laptop Light Wooden Finish

The Pill Wall Desk Design By Emko Wall Mounted Circular Design Laptop Books

The Foldable LEVIT8 Mini Desk By Levit8 In Black Wooden Table White Phone Laptop A Cup Of Coffee

The Calamo Desk Design By Gabriele Rosa Minimalist Rectangular Shape With Hidden Compartment Round Table Black Chair Table Lamp Note

The The Secretary Desk Design Of Isabel Ahm Light Wooden Finish Foldable Surface Hidden Storage Spaces

The Pacco Desk Of Artur De Menezes And Leonard Sitta White Finish With Two Legs Leaning On The Wall Design Wooden Chair Acrylic Surface

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