Best Cat Homes and Beds for Modern Space


Cat Study House Of 41st Century Bamboo Framing Copper Accents Washable Canvas Covering A Cat Inside

Pets are inseparable parts of humans so that they should be having their own corners in any living space of humans, right? Well, it may sound awkward but it is true that there have been some brands creating specific items for cats in form of furniture. There are even small homes and beds designed specifically for cats so that they can really enjoy their day just as humans. These are some of the best pieces of bed or home for cats to be placed in any modern space.

Geerke Sticker made a concrete home for cats that is pretty strong. It has a unique bowl shape to attract cats to stay there. It has its supports of three legs made of wood to accentuate the design further. It is easy to clean and easy to move whenever needed. Next choice is the Heeper Pod in form of a cave like home for cats. It is totally cozy inside that features Sherpa fleece in removable, reversible, and washable characteristics. Moreover it really is soft inside due to molded foam base on both ends of it. Furthermore there is the Catissa Geobed by Ilshat Garipov made of triangular pieces of wood. It is easy to assemble to get it ready for cats with natyral plywood finish and water based coating for better comfort and warmth inside.

There is the cube shape cat home by Meyou made of natural materials. Curved and straight lines are brought together in purpose of creating decent spot for cats to rest. Soft woven cotton with removable balls is there with possible colors switch whenever needed can be considered to be the good things of this item. There is the pEi Pod that offers a pretty simple and minimalistic design for a cat home. It comes in its egg-shaped with different sizes available. MyKitty is there by Marta Pietrusiak made of corrugated cardboard. It features modern shape of curves that comes in two versions known as VIGO and LUI.

Furthermore PetsInn Shanghai has the Kitty Meow in form of stools with several practical functions designed by Studio Mango. It will either be a sitting spot or a cat bed. It is finished in the shape of cat head using PE plastics with soft matrasses inside for its high level of comfort for the cats. Next one is the STAYSTAY’s Frank Cat House with its cottage design. It is easy to clean with its eye level position of the cats while the masters sit on a sofa. One last option is the Cat Study House of the 41st Century in which it is lightweight and small. Bamboo framework alongside acrylic and copper can be found there building this cat house completed by canvas cloth finish.

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Cube Cat Home Of Meyou Black Finished Cube Shaped Frame Round Grey Woven Cotton Exterior Cats Playing Around

Hepper Pod Sherpa Fleece Exterior Steel Tube Framing Cat Inside Faux Fur Rug White Pillows Black Sofa

Pei Pod Cat Bed Egg Shaped Aqua Finished Shell Bold Yellow Dotted Cushion

Kitty Meow Of Petsinn Shanghai White Finished Cat Head Shaped Cat Bed Patterned Cushions

Catissa Geobed Of Ilshat Garipov Wooden Flooring Triangular Wooden Pieces Black Exterior Finish Natural Wooden Finish Inside Cat Napping

Mykitty Of Marta Pietrusiak Curvy Design White Finished Sides Natural Wooden Finished Surface Cats Napping

Cat Study House Of 41st Century Bamboo Framing Copper Accents Washable Canvas Covering A Cat Inside

Concrete Cat Home Tubular Wooden Legs Concrete Flooring White Walls

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