Beautiful Beachside Villa in White Finish


Wooden White Bed White Mattresses Yellow Accent Pillows Grey Bedspread Neutral Curtains Whitewashed Bedside Table Wooden Towel Holder

Having a kind of place to stay close to a beach is a dream to many people. A beachside villa is a place where it can be a short escape from daily routine. Well, it is possible to bring the ideas of such beachside dwelling to any house. Concerning that matter, this one beachside villa in white finish is a gorgeous one that could be so inspiring. White and neutrals are the critical tones inside the interior with some colorful touches as accentuating features within the décor. Overall this beachside villa is nothing but a perfect holiday home to enjoy a peaceful trip with beautiful views of the ocean, right?

The idea of choosing white as the central tone of this beachside villa is the fact that white can efficiently reflect the lights. It will create a visually larger space inside the house for sure. Furthermore, it will be a perfect background for any bold touches added to the décor as well. Meanwhile, this villa has an open layout floor plan as well to get the feeling that it is large enough inside. As usual, the kitchen, dining area, and the living room are in a single space.

There is a fireplace as one thing to pay attention to inside the living area. It has large glass floats covered with a net with one purpose to remind everyone that it is a beachside villa. The furniture of the space is in all white with some neutral accents. Light colored wood can be seen all over the décor since it is capable of adding more textural effects to the décor. A decent thing about the dining space is that it can be opened up to the outdoor area. That makes it helpful to have a kind of meal together while enjoying the views of its surrounding. The kitchen is in a corner which is pretty functional in white finish for sure. It opens up to a wooden terrace with another dining area as well.

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Some bedrooms are inside this small beachside villa with white, and neutral tones remain inside. Whitewashed furniture items along with a vintage chandelier can be seen in the first one. Meanwhile, inside the next bedroom, there is a bold touch of blue patterned bedspread to accentuate the neutral décor of white. Meanwhile, there is a guest bedroom that features two beds in white. Bold pillows are there as a splash of color inside the space.


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