An Open Layout Apartment Interior Space with Bright Décor to Enjoy


Unique Oendant Lamp Design Blue Statement Wall And Doors Framed Wall Artwork White Drawers Wooden Flooring White Blinds White Bedding Metal Food Tray

Having the total space of just 48 square meters does not mean that this particular apartment cannot be looking good. Well, it has just about everything from a beautiful appearance to practical function and high level of comfort for a couple to live. It is located in Barcelona in which the design and décor have been done using the best possible ways to get the best at everything. Clearly at a glance, it looks good and utterly right in many aspects with optimizations are around it.

Apparently, the open space rule for an apartment should be there to begin. Thus the three main areas of the interior are all combined in a public space. The kitchen alongside the dining space is there as one area in which the bedroom and the living room is combined. The kitchen space has its L-shaped layout featuring exposed brick wall in the same scope of color as the ceiling. Shelves, cabinets and a large fridge are all in white to brighten up space and create a visually epic feel of the area. Black and white tiles along with wooden accent can be seen as the floor covering of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the actual dining zone has a pendant lamp to separate the space with the others visually. Oak flooring is there with an industrial looking dining table, and black chairs since the legs of the table are in black as well. A smart way to freshen up space is by incorporating lots of potted greenery inside the kitchen and the dining area. It is a smart way to bring the nature inside as well. A balcony entrance is there as well inside the living area with that grey sofa and a large portrait drawing framed on the wall.

Go into the bedroom; there is another area of the exposed brick wall just the same as the kitchen area mentioned previously. There are no bedside tables since a kind of panel with built-in open shelving units are there as a seamless storage solution for such compact space. An iconic feature inside the bed is a fluffy pendant above the bed. The bed is made in white with white dresser and bold blue statement wall in front of it. The bathroom has tile walls in the space of the seemingly exposed brick. White vanity and wooden countertop are there with a separated toilet space.

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Black Wooden Ceiling Beams Wooden Ceiling Open Shelving Kitchen Cabinet Rough Brick Wall Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves Grey Sofa Wooden Table Black Chairs

Rough Finished Headboard Wall White Blinds Wooden Floor Blue Statement Wall And Doors Metal Food Tray White Bedding Wood Open Shelving Unit Unique Pendant Wooden Ceiling White Drawers

White Bathroom Vanity Wooden Countertop Black And White Patterned Tile Flooring Blue Towels Potted Plant White Sink Stainless Steel Tap

Unique Oendant Lamp Design Blue Statement Wall And Doors Framed Wall Artwork White Drawers Wooden Flooring White Blinds White Bedding Metal Food Tray

Colorful Glass Jars Decor Wooden Flooring Black Chairs Wooden Dining Table White Kitchen Cabinets Wooden Ceiling Rough Brick Wall Potted Plants

Potted Plants White Tile Bathroom Walls White Vanity Wooden Countertop Pendant Lights Wall Mirror Blue Towels Floating Toilet Wooden Shelf Black And White Tile Flooring

Rough Brick Headboard Wall Wooden Open Shelving Units Books Metal Food Tray Framed Artworks Potted Plants Accent Pillows White Large Wardrobe

Wooden Table Blak Jairs Large Lamp Shade Pendant Wooden Ceiling Black Framed Drawing Grey Sofa Wooden Legs Potted Plant Small Round Coffee Tables

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