An Inspiring Victorian Home In San Francisco


A Wooden Sculptural Stair Of A House

A home is a place where people live. There is a person who spends a short time in a home, and there is also a person who spends more time in a home than outside. Having a home that is welcoming and calming is a necessity since many times will be spent in the house. People do much activity in a house such as cooking, reading, sleeping, and many others. There are some people also who choose to stay at home to relax. Therefore, it is important to have a comfy and homey home.

In this great time, I am going to talk about a wonderful home in the USA that may inspire you. This home is located in Alamo Square in San Francisco, USA. The hands of Jensen Architects renovate this Victorian home. If you look at this building from the street, the original 1889 look was faithfully restored. The rear facade shows sliding aluminum screens and glass in a modern mixture.

The recent owners like the historic architecture of Alamo Square. They want to have the openness and flexibility of contemporary homes. Because of this desire, an idea that informed an architectural composition that combines two identities comes. The idea also provides a touch to shows the coexistence of old and new.

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Let’s have a look closer at this home. If you go to the second and the third floors, you may find the bedrooms and social areas, while a small garden apartment is located on the ground level. The addition of aluminum screens brings the new and modern identity of the house. The screens give some privacy but still allowing for unobstructed views of the square from inside.

A sculptural stair is chosen to be added as a connection in this home. Such a stair connect all four floors in the home and provides a dramatic focal point that beautified the look of the space. This kind of stair also allows natural light to come into the house from above. The stair, a twisted volume, is formed from wood-clad solids with light-filled voids. The sculptural form of the stair is brought by a muted interior palette of bleached white oak, marble and neutral colors, which contrasts with the rich materiality of the fumed oak of the central stair.

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The cool and edgy modern furniture with angles, sleek surfaces, and bold colors become the main modern point of the home. They also make a cool atmosphere.

There is also a modern terrace which is completed with two upholstered neon green chairs and a turquoise sofa with an integrated coffee table. An ethanol fireplace in this home can be a nice item to get comfy and gather around at night.


A Long Grey Sofa With Cushions Facing A TV Hung On A Wooden Shelf

A Space With Wooden Floor Features Some Sofa With Cushions, An Artwork On The Wall, And A Set Of Dining Table

Two Red Chairs With Side Tables Placed On Rugs In Grey Shades In Front Of A White Cabinets With A TV Hung On A Part Of It

Two Sofas With Cushions, Two Comfy Rocking Chairs With Leg Rests, And A Wooden Table Placed On A Rug

A Wooden Sculptural Stair Of A House

A Room Features A Long Wooden Dining Table With A Pot Of Greenery On It And Some Grey Chairs Around It Placed By The Window With A Comfy Bench From The Windowsill

A Kitchen Features White Kitchen Cabinets, A Marble Backsplash, And A Kitchen Island With Drawers, Cabinets, Ad Two Chairs

A Long Grey Sofa With Cushions Facing A TV On A Wooden Shelf Placed In Front Of A Kitchen Island In A Space With Some Glazed Walls With Amazing Views

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