An Edgy and Dramatic Whimsy Penthouse


A White Cloth Is Hung Above A Pair Of Shoes At The Black Wardrobe

Hello fellas! For you who are looking for some ideas about home, you come at the right time. We will always give you home ideas that will inspire you all. In this high time, I would like to share you a bright and very interesting home with amazing details for you. This home is called Kew Penthouse by 2LG studio. In this home, you can see many eye-catching art decor touches, the feel of the 90s era, and edgy and fashionable items. Have you been curious enough to know more? Let’s have a little tour!

Let’s take a look at the kitchen. The kitchen is designed as neutral and soft which is done in serenity blue and white. This soft area is more prominent because of the strange chandelier and the fabulous dining room furnished with a wooden table with chairs covered with white cloth. The dining space and the living room is united. In the living room, you will see an emerald colored velvet sofa and black geo-sideboard. Some neutral curtains are also added to give some privacy in this space.

This home has a very dramatic entryway. This space is amazing with emerald, and gold wallpaper with art deco feel. In the entryway, you will find large wall storage united which is done in graphite grey and some gilded furniture and accessories to get a more refined look.

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Now, let see the bathroom. The bathroom of this house is great in neutral tiles with serenity blue accents. The blue accents will remind us of the serenity blue kitchen. This type of bathroom has a black sink with a gold-plated frame mirror and several green plants to enliven the room. The freestanding bathtub and a large artwork are chosen to fill this space to get a chic and welcoming atmosphere.

Serenity blue does not stop in the kitchen and the bathroom. In the master bedroom, you will find a pegboard in serenity blue touch. Besides, there are also a large bed and a sleek dark wardrobe with functional handles that can be used as a clothes hanger. Pegboard is very practical because the owner can attach shelves and other things there. There is also a home office in this home, and this space is fabulous with black furniture with light-colored wooden tabletops and a quirky lamp, which look contrasting and simple at the same time.


A White Vanity With Mirror In A Space With Blue Colored Wall

An Entryway With Green Wallpaper, A Black Shelf, A Console, And A Pot Of Plant

A Wooden Dining Table With White Chairs Placed Near A Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinets In Blue Touch

A White Bathtub With A Towel On It And A Pot Of Plant Beside It Placed In A Bathroom With Blue Colored Wall

A White Bed With Colorful Pillows In Front Of A Statement Wall In Blue Color

An Emerald Velvet Sofa With Cushions, A Black Cabinet With Many Bottles On It, A Rug, And Two Side Tables In A Living Room

A Wooden Table Is Paired With White Chairs To Be A Home Office

A White Cloth Is Hung Above A Pair Of Shoes At The Black Wardrobe

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