A Unique House That Displays the Mix of Concrete and Glass


Tiny Shower Space Rough Concrete Finish Ceiling Light

The use of glass is very close to modern style decoration and design of any residential houses. Thus it is pretty standard for modern houses to have even glass walls like this one house in Switzerland. Well, this house by MLZD Architecture is made of concrete mostly with lots of glass to complete the shape of it. Overall the idea of highlighting technical aspect in a comfortable and nice looking residential house has been done nicely. It can be said that this house is a perfect mix of industrial and modern style at its best.

Both the quality and functionality of materials are adequately highlighted by MLZD Architecture in designing and building this house. The glass walls connect the interior space of the house with the surrounding areas. It delivers natural accents in the middle of modern appeal given by the use of concrete all around the house. There are even rough woods inside that serve as a bit of accentuating elements of the décor away from glass and concrete.

Glass walls in the rough concrete frame can be seen in the living room with a highly comfortable and eye catchy black leather upholstered sofa. Black finished fireplace in modern style is there as well to deliver the needed warmth inside the space while also acting as a separator of the living room and dining space. Meanwhile fresh and modern appeal is there inside the dining space. It has an oval table surrounded by bold yellow chairs. Bookshelves are there to complete the unique look of that space. The kitchen is done in highly industrial appeal with concrete kitchen island as the main décor element. Dark wooden doors without any handles are the gates to hide all the things that could cause clutter there.

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There is a simple master bedroom in dark wooden clad wall covering. Wall sconces are there without any bedside tables at all above the concrete flooring. Brass accent in the form of lighting fixtures enhances the technical aspect of this space. The concrete bathroom is there as well to maximize the basic idea of industrial. Even the stairs are made of concrete with brass rail that looks just nice. Aside from the interior space, there is a terrace done in the same style as the house. There is an outdoor dining space there in the patio with a pretty seamless connection to the main interior space of the house.


White Oval Top Pedestal Table Bold Yellow Chairs Metal Legs Bubble Shaped Pendant Lamps Dark Wooden Open Shelving Bookshelf Books Concrete Interior Wall Finish

Sky Blue Wooden Bench Metal Legs Sky Blue Chairs Rectangular Wooden Table Concrete Flooring Twin White Lamp Shades Pendant Glass Walls Greenery Trees

Wooden Wall Cvering Glass Wall Wooden Ceiling Sculptural Lamps White Bedding

Rough Concrete Interior Finish Wall Open Shelving Bookshelf Books Dark Finished Wood Accents

Glass Walls Rough Concrete Finish Trees Greenery

Rough Concrete Interior Glass Wall Black Leather Sofa Bold Red Chair Rough Cut Wooden Coffee Table Black Fireplace Firewoods

Concrete Kitchen Island Dark Wooden Cabinet Glass Wall Fusbal Table

Concrete Stairs Brass Railing Concrete Flooring

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