A Townhouse in Bangkok Finished in Modern Luxury


Wooden Dining Table Wooden Chairs Grey Cushions Wooden Bench White Flowers Glazed Walls Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Suspended Shelving Unit

Modern style decoration can easily be combined with luxurious touches in any living space. Even a townhouse can get the benefits of that particular combination in a perfect harmony of decoration. One interesting element of this modern townhouse is the addition of greenery to freshen the space a bit. It has its own private garden area with large planters to accentuate the sleek modern appeal of its decoration. Baan Puripuri designed it as a part of the total of 18 housing units in an area of Bangkok. In short, it can be said to be a perfect harmony of Thai style alongside sleek modern touches. The entire city of this house is nothing but enjoyable and inspiring.

Concrete dividers are forming the façade of this house to break up its rectangular structure. It showcases a rather standout pattern to enjoy. Planter boxes in the cantilevered build are there as well to add more features to the front section. There is an open staircase as well in the front section that leads to the main living space inside this modern townhouse.

Right inside the living room, there are double-height windows along with sliding glass doors. Those doors act as a set of separation of the indoor and outdoor area most seamlessly and naturally. Out of this living room, there is an outdoor patio with a beautiful vertical garden display. A mezzanine level is there as well that houses a dining room completed by a bar. Pivoting windows finished that mezzanine level as a solution to get fresh air from the outdoor area into the inside. This house has a master bedroom occupying the entire upper level. Floor-to-ceiling windows can be considered to be the main attraction there while also serving as natural light entrances. Furthermore, the first level has more bedrooms as well as a laundry room.

Overall the decoration of this townhouse is pretty modern with just a bit of luxurious vibe. Natural materials can be found in many sections such as pebbles, light-colored wood, and even stone. Those materials really deliver a totally chic appeal within the space that also enhances the connection between the indoor and the outdoor area. Space feels more significant due to the glazing as well as large windows. Its private garden area really completes the beauty of its interior by giving a fresh feel with that greenery that ensures clean air at all times.


Wooden Exterior Decking Wooden Corned Bench Small Accent Pillows Greenery Fencing Trees

Wooden Dining Table Wooden Chairs Grey Cushions Wooden Bench White Flowers Glazed Walls Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Suspended Shelving Unit

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